Some ideas - Quality of life improvements

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  • Some ideas - Quality of life improvements

    Hi, here are some ideas/life improvements:

    - possibility to create a note for players in the friend list
    - possibility hide offline players in the guild menu
    - possibility to set up different guild tax for member or group
    - possibility to name chests
    - possibility to set up rights for chests in whole building
    - show the actual state of focus on character selection screen
    - flashing HP bar in party overview when a player has under 10% of HP
    - possibility to add own name into party window for better party overview
    - possibility to mark somehow (maybe with flag?) party or guild member (for better orientation in PvP - tank, caller, healer, etc)
    - show actual guild leader on killboard (not only founder)
    - possibility to remove unwanted access to foreign island (player, guild can be inactive for example)
    - possibility to use tab key for next valid target in the fight
    - old issue - fix damage numbers in Albion API (damage values in JSON file are nonsense)
    - old issue - fix party order when are 12 players in the party (you can't change the order in the party overview effectively)
    - DPS/heal meter
    - some ELO system for arena battles
    - some HG/HCE statistics in the game

    Thanks in advance.
    HankTheNoob | Battles in AO

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