Remove Hunter Hood from the game

  • ill give an argument for him, it completely ruins small scale pvp (1v1 2v2)

    100% damage reflect... is completely retarded. you either hit them and kill yourself twice as fast or you stop hitting them for 5 seconds, and they just kill you anyway.

    it litterally rewards you for taking damage...

    especially when paired with self healing builds.

    only way to counter it is with a purge which will cost you 300k+ to counter a 10k item.

    edit: additional arguments, poison hood t6 does 88dmg a tick, for 5 secs thats 440 damage and you can take damage while using it.

    hunter hood, you can do way more damage in that 5 sec window with your abilities, while they cant even hit you back.

    you are 50% health before you can even hit your target back.

    damage reflect should be on a heavy chest piece not a leather helm.. if youre going to reflect damage, you should be limited in the amount of damage you can deal with your weapon.

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  • @BestStrike You are really funny guy.And make nice content.People like it.

    But with all my respect-You are totally wrong.

    You did not play for a long time.
    Few times,when i was watching your video's.(When you come back several times) You did not even check what was in PREVIOUS patchnotes (about skill balance),or did not even mention "core" changes.And after you make - conclusions.

    There are tones of new builds,playstyle's, and tactic's.

    People who play this game non-stop since launch know - Yes this hood is popular,because it is easy to use and it gives you nice advantage even if your build sucks,or your opponent is strong.Cheap price,good sustain for few seconds.If you got no global idea or combination that need helmet's spell-Hunter's hood reflect is perfect choice .

    There is one "BUT" it is easy to counter.
    1.You need to know all spells in the game and what to expect from enemy.
    2.You can easy avoid or "kite" enemy while he is using reflect
    3.You must have at least "normal" reaction.To see enemy status bar.
    4.You can use any other "Defensive spell" for same duration.You dont need to buy Purge or using other purge spell - to kill Hunter's hood user. @heyw0od it is extreme measures.But it works too.

    All what am i trying to say - everything matters.
    Hands,your build,your mood,your ping.but the main thing - is your game knowledge.

    Next TIP for you @BestStrike .As i saw-you are using pair daggers with robe.So you are fragile, but with huge amount of damage.
    If you cant handle "reflect time" on enemy-Use GIGA potions.It will helps you allot vs some builds.

    And the last one

    Before creating a thread,give us your feedback,thoughts or any kind of text.
    So we can read, why you think it is broken.

    Again,no offence .If my speech was rude for you. ;)

    skillazor wrote:

    yes, its brainless skill with low c/d
    fix : reflecting damage takes place after around 1 sec when red aura shows up
    Did not noticed such problems.There is no delay for me when im fighting "Reflect" guys.
    If this problem exist-its more about servers,ping,your location.But not about skill problem.

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  • My favorite way to counter hunter's hood is with Cleric robe. I let them reflect a bit of damage, become invul with a damage boost, and then unload through the reflect. The one real downside to Cleric robe, the chance it doesn't get triggered, is completely removed when fighting against a reflect.

    You can also ice block through it, invis through it, use any mobility to disengage for a few seconds, Giga, etc. etc.
  • 100% Damage reflection is just broken in anyway.
    Even if its counterable. It should be max 50% to balance it out.
    I do try pvp in all types of builds.

    Everybody thinks If its counterable its Balanced. No its not its not how it works like.

    Its the same with mercenary jacket. Everybody says Its counterable yes it is. Doesnt make it Balanced.

    + The builds that are getting used in openworld pvp are different then in gvg or zvz. Those builds are not broken when used at gvg or zvz.
    But for small scale or solo pvp they are.

    + The builds should not be balanced for gvgs when less then 5% of the player base does them. Should be balanced on small scale and solo pvp. Thats the best way to balance in my opinion.
  • Hunter hood + mercenary jacket are the cheese of this game and they been around for too long and too many people are using it

    Yep, its counterable and by counterable I mean, run/stealth or whatever when they use those abilities.

    This isnt a fun build or fun abilities to have or play against.

    Fighting someone with mercenary jacket and hunter hood in a 1v1:

    - He uses reflect. I avoid attacking/run till the spell runs out.
    - Start hitting him again
    - He uses bloodlust. Have to avoid getting hit/run till the spell runs out. Or he can just throw a poison and heal himself for 100% even if I managed to do any significant damage
    - I start hitting him again and I lose cause i've lost most of my HP avoiding 2 spells

    I mean, its counterable and winnable but its just cheese and boring gameplay and the problem is a LOT of ppl use these 2 pieces of armor, especially meeles.
  • im starting to hate this

    "well paper beats rock so rock isnt overpowered" thing.

    its sad your setup is by far the main factor in winning a fight in 1v1 and 2v2

    we need more ways to outplay. more skillshots please, more timing required.

    i wouldnt mind if damage reflect reflected 150% damage if it was a 1 second duration, then it would require some skill/good timing to use.
  • EaosAmur wrote:

    well I guess you have jumped into the complain train about hunters hood and Merc jacket too even though there are mounds of examples on how these are not top tier items. Guess who is unsubbing from your twitch and YouTube?
    '' guess who jumped onto the complain train '' what train and it has been a complain topic for the longest time
    '' guess who is unsubbing from your twitch and youtube'' referring to the first point you probably never watched him
    also where is your counter argument to it is unbalanced all you are doing is saying they are not top tier, it doesn't have to be top tier to be good
    also these ''top tier items'' are way more expensive then a hunter hood
  • So, let me just say. In small scale PvP I use the Hunter Hood, Merc Jacket, and Assassins Shoes.

    I can't justify not using them.

    The Hunter's Hood increases resistances at T6 by 52, that's like going from a Mage Robe to an Assassin jacket. The Hunter Hood also reflects 100% damage, and as a bow player I can't be kited. The problem isn't that I get rewarded for taking damage, the problem imo is that it's too easy and simple for it's reward. This item in particular is easy to use and pretty easy to master with some in game knowledge of catching a players burst. I 100% agree that it needs a nerf. Maybe we can change it to buff my damage based on the percent of health lost during a 5 sec duration? Hell, something other than a 100% block please, I'm getting very bored!

    The Mercenary Jacket I weigh in on in the Mercenary Jacket thread in the overpowered/underpowered items and will not repeat all the math I did there, needless to say that I agree with the above statement that this item is also overpowered in small scale PvP.