ALL 1-handed weapons are SHIT now! (Numbers inside)

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    • ALL 1-handed weapons are SHIT now! (Numbers inside)

      1. Bloodletter 1060ip: 1074 dmg on E ->971, Q 280->222 (minus 21% dmg on Q)
      2. Cursed 1060ip: 52->43 dmg on Q
      3. Wildfire staff 1207 ip E 875-> 759 ( -14% dmg on E)

      I dont noe how to play further
      Super nerf to all 1 handed
      (read this like a BUFF for all claws, bows, halberds whether they were strong already)
    • Retroman schrieb:

      PrintsKaspian schrieb:

      • UPDATED - One-handed scaling also in effect: Along with offhands, one-handed weapons are also affected by the new scaling curve. As with offhands, some users will see slight stat increases, some will see slight decreases, and some will see no change. These changes may be more apparent (for both offhands and one-handed weapons) in IP-capped scenarios such as the Arena, Hellgates, Red-Zone GvGs, etc.

      About the change to the one handed weapons:Part of fixing the offhands was also fixing the scaling of one-handed weapons. Because they were not scaling correctly with the destiny board bonuses on live before this patch. This inconsistency was noticable if you compared a T4.3 to a T5.2 weapon. They would both have the same item power, but the T4.3 weapon would actually deal more damage. Due to this bug one-handed weapons where also not correctly scaled down in IP-capped zones. The higher in tier the one-handed weapon was the less impact this discrepancy was causing. But weapons in T4 with high masteries where getting more ability power than intended.

      Sorry for the confusion we caused by not having it explicitly listed on the changelog. But with patch 9 we reworked the scaling to now correctly scale solely on item power. This is actually a bug fix. Especially on lower tiered weapons, the destiny board masteries were having more impact than intended. And of course we will closely watch how the meta on livenow evolves after all these changes, like this bug fix, the new offhand scaling and all the ability changes, and will continue to make adjustments in future patchs if we see items falling behind.

      The game is reaching a state of deeper balance and what some do is complain? Patience.
    • offhand were hugely nerfed too, look at Muisak's, t8 only gives +11% whether t4.2 were +9.9% before. And I have +300ip on them ! So its a nerf to all offhands
      And what offhand will make up for -21% damage difference on Q on Bloodletter and 2-dagger pair? Cryptcandle only? And get -14% to resistans? NO THANKS