Brimstone staff meteor ability damage is too high

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    • Brimstone staff meteor ability damage is too high

      hey guys when ever i step into a zvz fight our enemy use a same tactic first starts with all sorts of stun like tornado and ground punch then a brimstone meteor ability which is take 75% of my health before i can reach the ground caused by the effect of the tornado ability which is very annoying :( can you guys look into this staff ? people with high special fire mastery and by using a 6.2 staff will sweep us all with one ability cast of meteor specially when they wearing scholar robe and using its ability which give em a very high casting speed, i just die when i floated in the air before i even reach the ground the spell area of effect is big and its casting speed due to the use of scholar robe speed caster goes very fast.
    • Yea hard to even say where to start here...

      There’s a thing called “AOE escalation” where the more pple caught in one AOE the more damage it does. So if you find your entire group dying to one brimstone, it’s likely your entire team was clumped up granting bonus damage to the brimstone. Which will absolutely 1 shot cloth users.

      The easiest way to counter enemy dps, is to not stand in it. So spread out.

      If you find yourself perpetually floating thru the air, invest in a knights helm. It was made to stop that from happening for 10 seconds.
    • i can try that but i think some abilities power are way to high i play as healing role and mostly trapped when trying to heal people up, its way too hard to heal the people when they going down in 1~2 sec due to a massive amount of aoe incoming, a few month ago it was actually no problem since nobody had that high mastery but these days everyone has maxed out their weapon specialist so zvz fight are way harder and different than before
    • Yea there’s really nothing you can do as a healer for pple who get caught in 4-5 AOEs that’s just too much dmg to directly counter. I mean it’s be unfair if 5 pple Landing their largest damage Spells couldn’t beat your heals.

      You as a healer should be well out of the way of AOE, Tanks and DPS are the ones who should be stuck in positions where AOE will hit them.

      Tbh it’s rly not even the spec of pple that lends itself to the massive damage. It’s coordinated multiple AOEs that land decisive damage. done in a way to secure kills. There are Mechanics like Resilience that buff the resistances if a player who’s hit by lots of enemies, and that will largely mitigate the bonuses from high spec players. it’s about the number of AOEs and stuns being coordinated that secure kills.

      What they’re doing to you can be done right back to them. ZvZ is a lot deeper than the surface most pple see. There’s so many tactics from the macro scale to the micro and each one can decide the fight. So just take a look at your options and employ them to beat your enemies,
    • when your tanks run in for stuns, dont run directly forward to heal them, split to the sides of the fight instead. youll dodge a lot more AOE. Tanks should rotate back to you for healing, not you completely expose yourself to heal them.

      but holys is a special tough spot there. you have to be pretty short range and have to stop and stand to heal. unless youre "pocket" healing a tank with a Divine staff or something (dedicated to healing a specific player over all other) i dont think Holy fits very well in zvz. i think Nature is in general a stronger choice for ZvZ for a few reasons one of which is the ranged Cleanse W it has.

      1. Holy is mostly single target heals, in ZvZ youre trying to keep 20+ pple alive. Nature is the obvious choice here because of spells like Mushroom that can give 5 pple heals over time at once. on top of that Nature has a greater variety of AOE heal E spell. things like Wild Staff are great for your team as they can all see where the heals are and the aoe is massive.

      2. mobility is crucial for you to avoid aoe and keep up with your zerg. Holy requires you to stop to cast, where as nature can keep moving while throwing out heals. Natures HOTs (Heals over Time) are so effective in ZvZ because you can put 3 stacks of healing on a tank before he runs in. allowing him to get heals and stay deep disrupting enemies even when hes far out of your range.

      i think one of the issues is the few AOE heals Holy has are either stand still, or they can be dodged/blocked by unintended allies or enemies.

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    • yup i feel that too, the more content comes the more and the wider the effect and the variety of all abilities would be, so here holy due to its stand still and also low area of effect compared to nature would be a useless option for large scale fights and also due to the massive aoe damage incoming, even with using redemption staff in hand which in my opinion is just a toy weapon not a real weapon u have no chance since it has no guarantee that the orb you shoot could hit the person need the healing.
    • tbh i'd like to see how goes the redemption after the patch, it must be a different way to play a holy staff but may work in some cases...

      Great Holy is viable in ZvZ too, but in here the problem is not the staff used nor the brimstone power. Problem is about your raid, you just need to get experience here, watch how people play ZvZs, train your raid ...

      Try in yellow zone against people you know (or at warcamps / inis moon), then step up to full loot etc.. its pretty hard to do but worth the time imo
    • thats called F*CK tha burst meta, guys

      when you just cant heal any1 or react any way when ppl goes from 100% health to 0% health in 0.5 sec
      like headshot in FPS

      that all started with Relics, when Deathgivers, blazings, badons came and heals were nerfed and Boltcasters were buffed and Dagger pair was buffed a lot
      all to 1-shot ppl

      please give us back continuous fights until first death like we had in release