Increase the heal power or reduce the cooldown on new Rampant (after nerfs)

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    • Increase the heal power or reduce the cooldown on new Rampant (after nerfs)


      The current rampant nerf is too much. Yes, the rampant was overpowered before these changes, but now it won't be used at all in GvG.

      Ideally, many different heal staffs should be usable in GvG and ZvZ. There are healers that came to love the play style of the rampant. There is no need to nerf it to the ground and bring it out of the GvG meta, it just needs to be balanced with other weapons.

      Lets give some numbers.

      On the live server (pre-nerf) I have a rampant staff with 1290 IP (wearing +58% heal gear) that heals for 196 with full 5 stacks (39 per stack). This is a total heal amount of ~1760hp.

      On the test server (post-nerf) I have a rampant staff with 1301 IP (wearing same +58% heal gear). It heals 30hp per second if one person is on it and +15 per person up to ~165 total (with 5 people on it that is 90hp). With 5 people on the rampant it has a total heal amount of 810 (with 10 people total heal is 1485). I have a wild staff with 1305 IP that heals up to 5 people for 103hp (ticks for 10s so total heal is 1030hp).

      The rampant has two pretty big advantages over similar weapons:
      - No cast time
      - The ground effect is a long rectangular shape allowing backline and frontline to be healed without clumping

      However, I believe the heal power nerf is too much to make up for how expensive relic items are. I expect the rampant to plummet in price, but even the cheapest t4 relic piece still adds 70-100k silver to the price.

      Here are a few suggestions to soften the blow:
      (1) Increase the heal power. My test server 1301 IP rampant staff should heal for the pre-nerf amount (~200hp per tick) with 10 people on it. So multiply the current heal power by about 120%.
      (2) Ramp the heal power more gradually as you add more people. One major issue right now is if you end up solo, your rampant E is literally useless. You could set a 5 and under heal amount and 6+ heal amount or just have a higher heal with one person (and less per person added). For example: change my 1301 IP staff to heal 75 at 1 person and then 10hp per person after that (still 165 at 10 people, but now 115 at 5 people).
      (3) Reduce the cooldown. Currently the rampant staff has a cooldown of 45s. The wild staff and fallen staff are both 30s. I suggest the new rampant be lowered to 30s as well.

      I would personally prefer that the rampant have a higher heal power and keep the 45s cooldown because I think that gives it more skill in choosing when to use the rampant.

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