Crystal-Ranked Guilds Sound Off Pre Season 3

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  • Crystal-Ranked Guilds Sound Off Pre Season 3

    Hey everyone,

    As mentioned in the community news, with the conclusion of S2 and S3 kicking off tomorrow, we wanted to hear from the players themselves what their impressions were of the last season, and get some thoughts going into the next.

    Again thanks to all the leaders and guilds for their time and collaboration, I hope we can repeat this throughout the seasons and hear more of what our top contenders have to say about their own experiences.

    1. Derrick of Money Guild
    2. Syndic of Crimson Imperium Reborn
    3. Ellipses of Team Casualty
    4. FrankSinatra of SUN
    5. KingMoJo of Blue Army
    6. Cryon of Conflict
    7. Vocandin of The Fleet
    8. Veetus of Fricks

    You can also find the Season 3 event and broadcast schedule here.

    Have a great weekend and GLHF in Season 3! :thumbup:

    - Evoque
    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 1. Derrick of Money Guild

    Congratz on the season 2 victory. Despite facing such wide resistance this season, how do you think you managed to come out on top again in season 2?
    Not rolling over when things got hard and taking advantage of the fact that we still had a good lead when things went south enabled us to pull off the season win. I had lost a lot of motivation for the game before the coalition formed which you can definitely say played a large role in their success. I openly said for weeks - if not months - that if people actually tried to push us they would probably be successful.

    The losses motivated me a little more, despite not achieving a level of play that I find acceptable for my guild and we managed to keep things together to some extent. People were telling me to rebuild from the ground up and fall back to Anglia and other nonsense ideas but our place is Mercia and fighting back allowed us to hold our lead.

    No one could miss such a drastic change of the political landscape and shift of territory ownership across Mercia when you lost all but the SE of the 'region' in the middle of season 2. Was it a moment of weakness by OOPS, or were there other factors coming in to play?
    I’d say that it wasn’t so much a moment of weakness and rather that our weaknesses were finally exposed. OOPS main success came from having a solid 5/6 man GvG team that was almost guaranteed to win whatever GvG they signed up for. That group had become less active over time and there was never a pressing need to replace anybody or step up. Our new enemies had effectively sat and waited for us to atrophy before they came at us. I was content with sitting in Mercia and allowing POE vs ALONE to play out because it was very similar to the OOPS vs WOKE war. I wanted to stay uninvolved despite things becoming very stale and boring for OOPS after crushing WOKE.

    Do you think POE is stronger than WOKE?
    I don’t think that POE is stronger than WOKE, if you had either Syndic or myself running WOKE then that would’ve been the strongest alliance the game has seen yet. Weak leadership on multiple levels is what lead to WOKE losing.

    Right now POE is very similar to OOPS in the past, they’re basically being carried by a single strong GvG team. The main difference being that I didn’t have to plot, scheme and get the assistance of the entire server to finally put the big boy pants on.

    Did you ever at any point believe you would be overthrown in s2?
    There was a time where I believed it was possible, but I knew that the only way to lose s2 was if I let it happen. We lost our building claims on Mercia because I effectively allowed it to happen. I didn’t try hard enough and that has been my biggest failure yet as an alliance/guild leader. Had the initial focus of the coalition been to deny us season points then there is a chance we could have lost, absolutely. It was arrogant of everybody to think that we would just roll over and die.

    We know you as a fierce and relentless leader, do you think this is what it takes to be consistently at the top? Are there other qualities you believe are required?
    I believe that people should lead by example. I don’t ask things of people that I’d be unwilling to do myself. Always be strict but fair. There’s going to be people that get upset and don’t understand what fairness truly is but you can’t keep everybody happy. I’ve learned a lot of lessons since release and while I’d say I could be a much better leader I don’t think anyone else could’ve achieved back to back season wins had they experienced what I have. Don’t run away when things get tough, fight through the adversity - if you’re a leader you have to accept that things won’t always be good or fun. It’s a video game but as a guild and alliance leader you have a responsibility to the people that play for you. Hundreds of people dedicate hours of their life every single day to push your guild/alliance forward and that’s something that should never be forgotten.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    In regards to GvG you have to have some level of respect for CIR - they have their solid 5 players that work very well together and actively play together most if not every day. That’s something that I haven’t had in quite some time so I can respect them for managing to achieve and maintain that at least.

    I don’t think there’s anyone at the moment that’s particularly great at open world.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    There’s a lot of awesome people in Money Guild that have helped me in their own way. The people that have helped me the most are the people that I gave the opportunity to and placed trust in and I’d like to make it clear that I’m very aware had I given others the opportunity they would also have helped more. So I’d like to thank everybody that ever expressed an interest in stepping up and doing more even if you were overlooked - you’re all awesome and amazing people.

    Having said that Nyn has helped me more than anybody else recently - stepping up and bringing the guild together to assist with crafting/refining and arranging GvG teams/gear when I’m too busy to do so. She has taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders and I appreciate it more than I could word.

    Then there’s Lou who despite being way too extra at times has always been here and is always helping and doing the things that other people don’t want to do. Arranging escorts and cracking the whip on gatherers she’s definitely a pain in the ass at times, but you need people like this.

    Robinhoodrs has stepped up to assist with calling and massing the men and does a great job leading the men at EU war camp despite his annoying slurping.

    Beijo is generally awesome although a lot less active than I’d like, she takes things seriously and is just generally helpful. The only downside is that I have to deal with EzeePeez.

    Finally I’d like to say thanks to MacheteBandit, Sucks and Auroreea who all helped me a lot when they were active and good luck to Machete with Tea Party.

    Who if anyone, do you consider to be your greatest threat in season 3?
    I’m not sure if anyone could be considered our greatest threat heading into season 3 as we’re not even sure ourselves what the plan is for that. The reward for winning the season isn’t enough incentive to try hard for the win again.

    Do you think you will do a hat trick and ‘’win’’ S3, making you reigning champions 3 seasons in a row?
    We’ll see what happens. It’s very possible.
    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 2. Syndic of Crimson Emperium Reborn

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    Halfway through the season we were approached by our coalition partners (BA) and alliance mates about a project to push CIR past TC in Ranking. Since we were the only alliance in the game who didn't have all their territories owned by the "leader" guild, our fellow POE guilds stepped up and offered to transfer us their territories for the purpose of beating TC in the Season.

    We feel like we accomplished all our goals in the season, and we couldn't have done it without our coalition partners and POE line members who went beyond the call of duty to make it happen.

    Judging by the reddit battles between you and TC and knowledge of your long standing rivalry, are you surprised that you managed to finish s2 ahead of them and what do you think contributed most to this?
    It was quite apparent to us that Frogue One was carrying TC in ZvZ and GvG this season, so we are not surprised at all that we beat them in S2. What contributed the most was the dedication of our line members who spent insane hours defending and raiding mages. Serious props to them, we are where we are and who we are because of POE members who step up and show up every day.

    Do you consider TC a threat in season 3?
    Didn't see them as a threat before, don't see them as a threat now. They provide useful content to our members, who like to go on safari every night.

    Some would claim you abused the Anti-Money Guild Coalition for your own benefit against TC. How would you respond to that?
    It was originally AyZ's (from Blue Army) idea that we consolidate and beat TC in ranking. Some of the others were more interested in helping Money Guild and TC. The Anti E-Dating Coalition served its purpose and it was retired with full honors after winning the war. In the process we acquired some friends we didn't have before, and made useful contacts in the game.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG and open world strength?
    Frogue One is the only guild that combines both GVG and OW strength to a degree that they are literally carrying their alliance, got respect for those frogs. Solid dudes, they're going places.

    Got respect for Money Guild, they're the only reason OOPS didn't completely collapse. We joined the Coalition because OOPS broke our agreement from the Woke War and started helping TC, so an example had to be made for the future. Aside from that, cool dudes and good GVGers, been fun fighting against them.

    Blue Army is evidently the strongest ZvZ guild, I’d even go as far as saying Mojo is one of the best shotcallers in the game. Unfortunately they suffer problems in other departments, but nothing that they can’t handle down the road.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributor to the guild during s2?
    Shoutout to Cargera for making a female character, Gunther and Mactepok for being themselves, Madshock for his germanski organization, the POE diplo team for amazing work, Durateen & his shotcaller team for winning everything, and Nomasti - not the mascot POE wanted, but the mascot POE needed.

    Special shoutout to SBI for you know what ;)

    Without giving away and strategic details, do you think you will ‘’win’’ S3?
    The season system gives hard incentives to slaver alliances where the leader guild owns everything and the slaves are there for zerg meatshields. POE as an alliance operates on the principle that the member guilds are equivalent partners.

    In S2 I allowed myself to be convinced by the other guilds who stepped up and volunteered their territories. However, POE's structure is not compatible with these sort of competitions because we operate on the alliance level, not individual guild levels.

    Therefore in S3 and future, we don't intend to waste POE's time on competing for ranking against slaver alliances. We will focus on long term alliance objectives with a tangible benefit to POE members...
    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 3. Ellipses of Team Casualty

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    Things can always be better, looking forward the future is bright for TC. Like any other guild, we were unfortunately hit with a few real-life issues on our key players causing us to stagnate during the final stretch of the season — though we hope we will be more fortunate in the future.

    Do you consider CIR your biggest threat in season 3?
    No, not at all. Anyone can look amazing when they beat down on last season’s champ. People often forget that for the entirety of Season 1 and the majority of Season 2, TC has held off and repeatedly crushed CIR’s teams. Unfortunately due to real life obligations, there was no way for our main team to push the EU timezone territories that CIR/POE are based out of.

    Ultimately however, we believe our continued ownership of Northern Cumbria speaks strongly for itself.

    Does any OW battle or GvG stick in your mind from s2 as a highlight and why?
    No, unfortunately season 2 was rather monotonous due to the nature of the mega “Coalition” guilds. Open-world was stale. GvG-wise, there was one that really stuck out, it was mid-way through the season — after we lost the defence in Sapwood and took the risk and retaliated on it from Stenchriver. We 149-0’d CiR’s main team and since then their main team has yet to show again in North Cumbria.

    But really, what's with the E-dating? :)
    It’s funny that half the game has taken to a motto that was originally TC’s. “Edating is a sin” was our war cry in August after we left EWA and EOS’s internal leadership E-dating mess. As to why it is used so often today, It’s clear it is to poke fun at Derrick, but the sheep like to throw it around all over the place — proudly and ignorantly.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength (or least)?
    It is fair to say, I think, that I respect a lot of guilds. I respect SUN for crushing any and all new aspiring guilds, monopolizing what was supposed to be a “starter area” for the blackzone — without a doubt the true winners of Season 1. I respect Money Guild’s second to none choice of allies — absolutely groundbreaking and game changing to say the least. I respect Exertion and it’s Guild Master for their long extensive histories of strong principles, credibility and unquestionable honour. Finally above all, I even respect CiR for having the most ironic Alliance name I have ever seen — more so than even our own.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    Team Casualty is currently #1 in most things. Most overall fame, most kill-fame, most resource value, most silver collected, most overall kills. We accomplish these feats through the loyalty of our members, the hard dedicated work of our officers and the stable guidance of our leadership. There are many of whom we would love to name individually, those who went the extra mile and those whose efforts over the past season have been an absolute joy to admire. Though to name only one or a few or even several would not do them proper justice and we would prefer to save such things for a season win.

    Without giving away any strategic details, do you think the TC strong men can ‘’win’’ S3?

    Can you share with us your video highlights?

    The aforementioned GvG highlight of Season 2 for TC and extremely rare footage of the mega coalition bringing only half of their guilds

    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 4. Franksinatra of SUN

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    Our result was heavily influenced by being part of the coalition taking down OOPS. Ironically our main contribution was not doing anything, because our normal playstyle would force the Mercia attackers to focus on us stopping the push. We payed a high price as we lost teams and players due to a NAP centric second season, and in my view it wasn't worth it, but the will in the guild was significant so we did it. I believe there will always be someone dominating Mercia, and if they are not a problem to me then there is no reason to take them down as someone else will just take over eventually. We lost both Skuzkabel and Bobfrezze, And that obviously hurts our performance.
    Im very satisfied with our result, and it only really happened because a new team stepped up. We had a amazing group of US time zone players who also belong in Famiglia who won us a lot of territories, which is a significant factor to our good score as well.

    Are you phased by the idea that more established guilds and alliances may approach Anglia due to the energy distribution changes?
    Hard to answer without seeing the Merlyn patch notes. My view so far is that it doesn't change anything.Sure we get more energy, but energy is not the bottleneck, the bottleneck is 8.2 resources and since enchant rate don't change then it doesn't really matter. Every reset SUN has been declared dead, and especially with season ends, and time will tell if we once more manage to beat the challenges. We have been a significant force in Anglia so far, and nothing ever lasts :). I do however not see who our challenger should be. POE could beat us I think, but why should they... Conflict is the second strongest guild in Anglia and I think they will sit on the us time zone territories. Fleet maybe, but no one really knows what they wanna do, and generally they don't know it themselves either.
    During a season you always see small new guilds with a strong gvg team blasting through and then it disbands or dies. Suns strength is organisation, massed wealth and structure to support GvG gameplay over time. Our real heroes are the quartermasters who gear up our teams, and gatherers working hard every day. We have many of the “soft” types the l33t guild don't want or respect, and that's a main reason why they keep failing.

    You owned great amounts of territory this season. What would you say to those that believe SUN has to rely on others (mercs) and lacks their own
    Well I would say that they are absolutely right. Without externals we would have a lot less territories.
    I'd like to add to this that I am also a very vocal supporter of removing the ability to merc and use externals. I want a 48 hour GvG participation cooldown when you change guilds. We would have had less territories, but the game would have been better. And no adding alliance members to GvGs either, that just encourages mega alliances which stifles gameplay.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    I personally don't like zvz gameplay at all, and I probably would think it's more fun to get master skinning than playing zvz. I absolutely love that it's there, and so many enjoy and excel at it. We didn't claim just one castle all of season 2 so the castle change also hurt our chance to get points as it has a large zvz requirement :). I don't know who is best in zvz, but if you follow reddit it's clear that they all believe they are the best - and i think that's a good thing.
    As for GvG teams then its fluctuating so much with the meta changes, that for me consistency over time is the most important parameter. Paja team, Cargera team, Famiglia teams in general , tc main team and Derrick. If I should choose one it would actually be Derrick. Not so much how he won Mercia, but what makes him stand out is how he bounced back after taking a beating. Syndic and Derrick are the two standout leaders in the top, but only Derrick has faced that level of opposition and bounced back, even Rocky Balboa would be proud. I wouldn't be surprised if Derrick will grind some of his old cities back.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    Always tricky as so many delivers.
    I think its worth mentioning that the captain of the Sun A team is a girl, and everyone who has attacked us and lost the last month has in fact lost to a girl. Think about this, the next time you are running naked back from a fight against us...
    That is one shoutout, and then there is in particular the Quartermasters, officers and Xondox who is out of category by any definition, and dinwiddie who is such a central part of our guild resource backbone that i wouldn't know what to do without him.
    But since this is a spotlight, the player I would single out for outstanding achievement is Devilkane. He is unique, and something as rare as a hardcore gatherer who has kept at it for 11 months. He comes from 10 years of lineage so calling anything in Albion a grind is something he would disagree with right away. He pms me once or twice a month, and then i know mammoths (plural) are needed , and a low guild donation will be around 15000 t7 and t8 resources. I think the biggest was around 27000. Its insane amounts, and simply a extraordinary member to have - and nobody outside Sun knows him. Now they do.

    SUN has often been able to hold a large number of Anglia territories, do you expect to be able to fight for the top spot in Season 3, and do you think the changes to the energy distribution will contribute to that?
    I don't think the energy distribution will change anything, and Suns performance will depend on us getting our gvg team numbers and strength back to past levels. Our main team is strong, but we need more. We aim to use less mercs which also means ambitions are a bit down as focus is on guild and guild feeling over score for season 3. Looking at our history, odds are we succeed, but everyone who have played competitive mmos also know that seasons that spans over the whole summer period can get really funky.
    Right now I just look forward to the Merlyn patchnotes as they will be the dictating factor for our strategy and plans for season 3...
    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 5. KingMoJo of Blue Army

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    Zero feelings about our position in the season rankings. Nothing we did this season was influenced by the rankings, the points just came with the objectives we decided to take throughout the season.

    How would you respond to those who say you are ‘’POE pawns’’?
    I really like POE, but Crimson Imperium specifically. They did a great job this season. At the moment they are currently fighting different alliances (ALONE/OOPS), and for that reason we will continue to help them when they need us. No one else is fighting OOPS at the moment, who is our main enemy.

    We understand Shazzar stepped down from GL recently, do you think this will have an impact on how you will perform in season 3 or are you confident in the newly appointed leader?
    Shazzar was burnt out pretty much. No one can really see the work he was putting in behind the scenes and never got the credit he deserved. Now he can rest and enjoy the aspects of the game he wasn’t able to enjoy before. Blue Army will be the best zvz guild in season 3.

    We see you dabbling in RP from time to time, what special roleplay events should we add to our calendar for season 3?
    With the wedding attires coming out soon I’d like to host a big wedding RP event on stream. Will you marry me Evoque?

    Why are there such large accusations that your guild leader has stolen hundreds of millions of silver from the guild?
    Accusations from others who stole from their respective guilds.

    Which Guild or Alliance (if any) do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    Crimson Imperium is my favorite GvG guild at the moment. I love how they are able to take a loss and not even stress about it. They just rewatch footage and make adjustments. Cargera is a god and that whole team has synergy. In open world Red Army and TC are my favorites in term of using aggressive tactics and strategy in the field.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    I have the best core in the game. Shout out to my blue army core and who stuck with me for a long time.
    I'm with bercilak

    Without giving away and strategic details, do you think you will ‘’win’’ S3?
    Season 3 will bring us a new war with new objectives for us. Whether we achieve these objectives or not will determine this...

    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 6. Cryon of Conflict

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    We hoped to finish in the top 5 and we finished #6. However, we are still very proud of ourselves for making top 10 in two consecutive seasons.

    Anglia has become more valuable with the changes to Season 3 energy distribution, do you expect to see more competition from established Alliances and are you concerned?
    We are not concerned. We were already seeing the same GvG “A” teams fight in Anglia as they did in Mercia. I honestly believe the level of competition between holding Anglia zones vs Mercia zones is not that much of a difference when it comes to 5 man GvGs. I would even point out Anglia GvGs started to see item power and gear ramp up quicker than in Mercia. There was more 8.2 gear used and lost in Anglia at the start of S2 then in Mercia. The exception to this was open world war camps. Overall Mercia saw a lot more 75+ vs 75+ war camp fights.

    Recently Conflict assaulted a number of SUN homeplots on a single day with little success. Are you willing to provoke SUN further and continue this aggression into the future?
    “Conflict provoking SUN” I feel is an incorrect assessment with the way the Conflict vs. SUN war played out and continues to play out. SUN started the aggression towards Conflict and we intend to fight back against anyone who attacks us. Much of SUN’s aggression, we believe, was not even a result of SUN leadership choosing to go to war - they were simply fueling mercenaries from other guilds who wanted to fight Conflict and thus started a proxy war between the EU based SUN and the NA based Conflict. We rarely saw SUN guild members fighting us throughout the course of the fight. What few may realize was Conflict took the brunt of the “Coalition to beat MG” while the coalition was gearing up. We ended up fending off the Unity, Lads, and POE alliances (including Exertion/Famiglia guild members) for several weeks prior to them shifting the assault towards Money Guild.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    We respect guilds who have been around for years as we know what it takes to continue to hold all elements of the guild together. For GvG and ZvZ we have great respect for Money Guild and its players who have always been a threat in the 5 v 5 format and the EU ZvZ. For open world ZvZ Team Casualty is a guild we will not take on unless we know we have the proper gear and zvz comp. We have great respect for their open world tactics.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    To single out any one of our members and officers would be an insult to others we don’t mention. Every single guild member in conflict contributed to our ability to stay in the top 10 both seasons as well as the success we had back in the Alpha and Beta days. It truly takes a team effort from GvG leaders, Open World ZvZ leaders, Crafting Leads, Gathering Leads, and even our cadre of players who help grow cabbage soup and keep our territories and buildings fed.

    Who do you consider to be your greatest rival in season 3?
    We go into Season 3 with no specific targets or enemies. We will see how reset day goes and be ready to defend our lands from anyone that wants to contest.

    Without giving away and strategic details, do you think you will ‘’win’’ S3?
    Winning a season comes down to finding the winning GvG comp and perfecting it before your enemies can. We always plan to be #1...

    Can you share with us your video highlights?
    Our recruiting Video remains, in my opinion, the best recruiter video ever to be made by a guild in AO!

    GvG Vs. SUN -

    Conflict ZvZ

    Conflict fighting to the death HEAVILY outnumebred

    Conflict vs Blue Army ZvZ
    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 7. Vocandin of The Fleet

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    I think after finding our identity again, fleet overall is happy with being a community, we are a pretty well rounded guild, so we can be heavily gvg focused a week and no gvgs at all next one. I’ve been the only GM the guild had, going from Lymhurst to Mercia showed there’s no winning unless you’re happy in the guild you’re in, as cliche as it sounds.

    The Fleet had one of the best GvG teams of Season 2 but we saw less of them towards the end of the season. Can we expect to see the return of Eximo and his Furious Hammer build?
    No GVG team is permanent, and unfortunately that team had some conflict of interests, but Lejski, Eximo and Rich666Demon are still active and merc from time to time and also there’s a new polish team with a few other known players. (which some might’ve seen around scrimming).

    The Fleet left OOPS when the Coalition attacked. What would you say to those who consider fleet Disloyal for this?
    We joined OOPS when MG was getting pushed by WOKE and Fleet had the only other team capable of winning Mercia, which allowed MG to push. We fought til WOKE died and fought our best vs POE. Of course people might’ve seen it as an opportunistic move for us to leave, but when alliance leadership comes to your guild to talk down everyone in it, it’s a serious disrespect to just shrug it and move on when there’s so much effort being put in daily. OOPS was fun while it lasted, but after OOPS vs WOKE war was over it turned into something neither me or my members agreed to.

    Anglia energy distribution changes are coming with Season three do you expect this will make the continent more hotly contested? Are you concerned at all that more established guilds and alliances try to snatch their piece of Anglia?
    I think it’s a bad move overall, unless mages in anglia get heavily contested, established guilds will always try to poke over for easy money and season points. I really hope Anglia turns into a starting ground for newer guilds like we’ve seen with New Players, MAGA, Error404, Idiots, Pocket Aces and Pendragons. It really makes it much more fun to see people fighting for their turf instead of mindless mercs everywhere just looking for money.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    Both POE’s and TC’s A team are good at the moment, there’s consistent roster and both have been around fighting for a while. I have a lot of respect for those two (however I don’t agree with stacks of longbow being “lost”).
    If possible, a small shoutout for smallbear and his split cap team for trying a new strategy, it didn’t get them any wins vs Fleet but it sure did vs a lot of other guilds and it’s nice to see there’s other ways to go about GVGs.
    Open world I’d say Gypsies, it’s the only guild consistent on what they do no matter what. We had a funny encounter where I did coding on my second screen while scouting Hungry Mire entrance with my alt for the people farming inside, and suddenly people say there’s reds in and get wiped, turns out gypsies used invisibility potions to go in without being seen, which was never done by any other group I ever seen or heard about.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    I’d say DemonEyesAngel for being with Fleet since mid Beta 3 and always being there for whatever guild needs, he even stepped into GVGs recently which is nice to see. But there’s a lot of names for the list and I think it’s unfair to not say everyone who not only is in Fleet, but also those who left, helped shape the guild to what it is today.

    Without giving away and strategic details, do you think you can sail yourself into a ‘’win’’ in S3?
    When we made 6FLAT (our solo alliance) we discussed a lot what direction the guild should take and we finally came to the conclusion we will just go with the flow but keep our guild identity alive, no matter if we are in small or big alliance, or no alliance at all

    Can you share with us your video highlights?
    Our most fun reset day fight so far that was shown on official stream

    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601

  • 8. Veetus of Fricks

    Congratz on making it to crystal in season 2, would you put it all down to your official music videos or do you think there were other reasons for your success?
    We have a strong officer corps who work so hard for this guild. All of our officers worked tirelessly this season to achieve our goals. Our members, too, are some of the best guys I have ever met. This is a shout out to all our devoted and loyal members, you guys are the best and I love playing with you.

    And of course, those music videos do help quite a bit with recruiting. Have I told you Fricks are recruiting?

    How do you feel about the position you finished in after season 2 concluded overall, are you proud to have done so well or do you feel it could of been better?
    We accomplished all of our initial goals, and a majority of our stretch goals this season. Fricks fought harder and pushed farther this season than ever before. We have been known before this season as being a guild that offers amazing support to boost up another guild. This season, we wanted to push for ourselves. We had a ton of amazing content, and we all had a ton of fun along the way.

    Who do you consider to be your greatest direct threat for the upcoming season?
    Right now our most immediate threat is going to be the TRUTH alliance. They’re well organized, well lead, and have really dedicated guys who fight with them. Their ZvZ really transformed this season, and we look forward to future fights with them. We have nothing but respect for them, and hope we can have a ton of fun with them in season 3.

    We heard you had quite some rivalry between The Fleet, were you hoping to finish ahead of them?
    Near the end of the season, our main GvG team left to try out the game who shall not be named (You know, the one that was a total failure? That one.) Following that, we had a few diplomatic blunders that cut us off from merc teams. As such, during the end of the season we had very little energy income to keep our place up in the rankings. We plan to grow more natural Frick teams and rely less on a single team this coming season.

    Which Guild or Alliance do you have the most respect for in terms of GvG strength and open world strength?
    There are so many. We can’t give a single answer. POE has come a long way in their organization and strength, but TC still gives them an amazing fight for their money. OOPS still does amazing in both open world and GvG, and we have only the greatest respect for what they have accomplished. MAFIA came out swinging this season with a bit of a surprise offensive in northern Mercia. We are very impressed by their GvG strength. Finally, Truth has grown and become so much stronger just this season. They are definitely a contender for the world stage.

    Do you have any shoutouts you would like to do for special contributions to the guild during s2?
    This season was carried by Trollhouse and Bloodbaron. Without the work they put in to Fricks this season, we wouldn’t have been anywhere near as well off as we are now. They have made sure we’re going into Season 3 stronger than we went in to season 4.

    Other than recruiting what can we expect from The Fricks for season 3?
    Fricks Are Recruiting...

    Can you share with us your video highlights?
    This is the second reset of Season 2. We had a ton of fun, and won a frick ton of fight and ''The Charge of The Fricks''.

    AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601