Knight boots (and others) prevent damage calculation

  • Knight boots (and others) prevent damage calculation

    Problably bug.
    My shield charge prevent 428 damage, i do some experiments, in armor i take 245 damage, in armor with shield charge i take 120 damage (what!)
    So i try nude and i take 930 damage.
    I think all the skills that prevent damage are calculated on the character totally naked, so the much armor you have the less this skill can be usefull.
    Can i know if this is a bug, thx.
  • Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

    Shields do not take armor damage reduction into account. Also, healing cast bonus affects shield strength.
    You are a bit wrong.Not healing cast bonus.
    Magic attack power on your chest and its"R" ability that increase M. attack power-makes your charge "Shield rush"ability on boots,and Q ability(shield)on arcane stuffs stronger.

    Was testing it with any exist armor,weapon,and offhands (including spells on them) in game.
    And i can assume-
    1.your weapon(and its spells)does not effect shield strength
    2.your helmet (spells or passives)does not effect shield strength
    3.your offhand (that increase magic attack,or all type of attack) does not effect shield strength

    Only Your Chest Passive spell and magic attack spells buffs, that increase magic attack-makes your shield stronger.

    If you dont believe me,you can test it by yourself. For example(in your case,if you are saying about heal cast bonus)you can get Judicator heavy armor,and activate its "R"ability.And than test it with any other spells in game and armor's.

    My point is - this spell mechanic(shield) is a bit broken and must be reworked.So it could be used in different setups and tactic.While it is ignoring all other circumstances - shield rush is useless.It must be buffed, couse 30 sec cd and 3 sec shield buff is very low.

    P.S it does not affect Attack power buff that increase-all type of damage.ONLY Magic attack power. Thats why it is broken.

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  • Yeah surely is wrong count the shield charge damage reduction at naked character, the 3 sec buff can be ok, if the skill is use in good way.
    I think use this boots in other build with armor that buff ability bonus, so it grow up to 600/650 damage reduction xD.

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