CORE Cursed Mage problems [vote up for curse suggestions]

    • Grimhawke-EB wrote:

      Yes, it's nice not having your character autoattacking at 9m, then casting your Q and having to step 1m closer before you can cast your main spell!

      Still - need to rework a lot of spells, cursed beam, desecrate are still useless on the W slot, grudge was overnerfed and could use a tweak.

      Almost all the E skills could use some moderate to slight buffs too. IE 1H curse shouldn't be reflectable or damnation staff needs more base damage or lower cast time, right now it is very clunky even with a scholar robe.
      I haven't had much chance to ZvZ yet, but the limited dungeon diving I've done has not changed my opinion of Dark Matter at all. It's a very poor skill atm.

      And I concur with much of everything else you've said. Desecrate is awful. Cursed Beam, like most beam skills, just isn't worth using.

      A lot of the Es don't need much:
      Death Curse - I am liking this more now with the longer duration vile curse. It's not triggering moments after my curses fall off because the target moved out of range much anymore.
      Great Cursed - A drop to 20 second on cooldown would make this much better. That or remove the need to channel it.
      Lifecurse - Instant cast and it would be perfect.

      The other E's may need more work.
    • Tabor wrote:

      Hey Raithe. Death curse works great if you build your items around it. Guardian boots at start allows you time to build a few stacks, hunter hood helps with reflect and extra defense, and cleric robe a few seconds before bomb goes off not only keeps you alive but adds 30% damage.
      And as for sickle, it's actually usable now with the changes they've made and pairs really well with great cursed with keeping multiple targets max stacked for long periods of time.
    • vashangelarm

      400/400 Curse here.Still curse not good as other classes if i compare with mage classes in gvg and zvz.Still xbow is much better than curse.Also fire and glacier.These 3 classes doesnt need 400/400 cause if u make 100 spec on which item do you wanna use in gvg's is more than enough...

      As developers said "its slight buff" not a complete buff.

      Also we are not suggesting here "make it crazy super duper maniac class" or smthng.

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    • Hit 70 last night and Dark Matter is completely useless, it does no damage and doesn't even apply a stack.

      I'd suggest it either
      1. apply stack with every person hit.
      2. the more people hit the more the damage is multiplied.
      3. The last person hit takes more damage scaled on how many players hit.
      There needs to be a reason for me to not just be a Pierce bot.
    • Coonery wrote:

      Honestly the best buff to Curse would just make ALL spells curse staff uses apply Vile Curse on the First hit or application
      While that would certainly help some, it's not enough IMO.

      Desecrate already applies a vile curse and no one uses it because the base skill is just awful. SBI knows it's awful because it was nearly a carbon copy of the original Frost Nova and that skill has been completely redesigned. I just don't know what they could give Warlocks for a defensive skill that would be sufficiently 'warlocky' without being overpowered.

      Cursed Beam and Dark Matter are also quite weak but if either applied a Vile Curse on damage they'd both be quite overpowered. If they applied a Vile Curse on cast, they'd probably get some play for solo roaming perhaps but it will take quite a bit to make Armor Piercer not an auto pick. Some folks on here and reddit have said Dark Matter is good in GvG, but I've only seen one match where they used it and it was inconsequential. Since I don't GvG, I can't comment. It's awful in Arenas and the Skrims I've had though.

      Even some of the E skills could use slight adjustments. Right now 1h Curse is kind of the goto non-utility option, but the E is so easily countered. At least it's easier to use now with the vile curse changes so it probably doesn't need a change. But Lifecurse could really use a cast time reduction. Great could use a slightly lower cooldown and/or a larger radius to compensate for it being channeled. Demonic could really use a DPS increase, even if it's PVE only so it wasn't such a chore to spec it up. Cursed Skull is kind of weak too when you compare it to other recently buffed weapons (Longbow for example).

      I don't think these are really major changes though and they seem reasonable enough to me. But I'd settle for just a proper defensive skill that was fun to use.
    • Coonery wrote:

      Honestly Reflect/Cleanse/New Capes RUIN 1h curse to the point of unplayable, yes there should be counterplay but when everything defeats it, it becomes useless
      Does the new faction cape cleanse death curse automatically?

      Another thing I've found with 1H curse, unless death curse is going to be a killing blow, it's often better not to use it. When I have someone 4 stacked with vile curse, I can get pretty decent sustained DPS output just spamming it if I'm running omelette and some CDR passives. If the death curse pops without killing them though, my DPS drops to basically zero and I have to ramp up again.
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    • Grimhawke-EB wrote:

      If the death curse pops without killing them though, my DPS drops to basically zero and I have to ramp up again.
      That is true and the thing most Curse players hate. But I unserstand.

      But yes, most of the Cursed staffs as still basicly useless after the update. Demonic still does nothing and Greater Curse is stort of usefull if you get to 4 Vile Stacks.
      Life Curse is Life Curse, one cleanse and its useless.
      The Skull on the other hand I still love and use it in Expeditions when no one is online.
    • Coonery wrote:

      just tried my new Double Bomb Theory 1h Curse Staff build, Stacked 4 stacks on 3 people double bombed one people then pressured the last person with E in Hell gates, got cape cleansed out of my damage twice, then the last guy almost killed me with reflect..just saying 60+ spec on 1h and i still felt useless as fuck
      How are you stacking 4 stacks on 3 people? They clumped so you can hit them all with one sickle? Maintaining 4 stacks on three people with standard vile curse has got to be tough even with the merlyn changes.

      What do you mean by double bomb? Your team has two 1H curse players?