The Official Albion Online Wiki Thread

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    • The Official Albion Online Wiki Thread

      Fellow citizens of the mysterious world of Albion Online,

      With this thread I want to set in motion a project to revitalize the efforts to update and maintain a proper wiki for our favorite game: Albion Online.

      I see a big opportunity to create something that is not just a wiki to look up basic information or descriptions of what things do, but potentially a great resource of information and history for the ever evolving world of Albion.

      With this thread, which will be a work in progress that will be updated and frequently edited along the way I hope to merge all discussion and suggestions regarding the Albion Wiki in one place. Check back regularly or subscribe to this thread by clicking the little red bookmark icon on the top right of the post to get notifications about the progress of this project. If you respond to this thread you will usually also be auto-subscribed.


      Most Recent Announcement

      Bogul wrote:

      Albion Wiki - June Update

      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      its time to give you all a little update on what has been happening with the Wiki since my last update from May.

      A little warning: A lot! :)

      So, lets get started and take a quick look at whats been going on:
      • Since our last giveaway that ended in May, a lot of community members have come forward and contributed extensively to the Wiki in the last month and a half. A few of you have been asked to join the Wiki team as a Community Wiki Editor and I am extremely glad some of you have answered this call and will officially be in charge of consolidating the community effort of the Albion Wiki in the very near future. @Elsa should already be in touch with you and I'm looking forward to the official announcement soon. Again a big big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far - its incredible to see how much progress we have made!
      • That said, there are still 2-3 open positions for Wiki Editors that need to be filled in the Wiki-Team. So if you want to get involved and help coordinate the efforts of the Official Albion Wiki, make sure to read the announcement on how you can join the team and enjoy some cool perks and responsibilities that come along with it! Feel free to pass this along to someone else who you think would be a good fit as well!
      • Soon we will also have the 1 year anniversary coming up of the decision to revitalize the Wiki - and boy has it been a ride. During that time we have come a long way already, but now with the new team effort it is only really getting clear what things are possible with the Wiki and I can't wait to make that happen in the future. I have to say that the last few months have been especially great because we finally had time to focus more on polishing and completing some of the missing bits and pieces and its starting to come together really nicely.
      • If you want to follow along and check out our current upcoming to-do's - take a look at the public Wiki Trello Board.
      • In terms of content that has been added to the wiki recently, we have to distinguish between technical and game information content..
      • As far as technical additions, we have seen really great things - especially from @Tilden and @Dero who spent a lot of time building a few awesome templates that allow easy display and linking of items through templates. For some of the non-technical people out there it might look a bit small, but things like the Ability Template or Item Link Template are going to be majorly useful quickly adding more content in the very near future. This makes it also much easier to change just a few values when major balance changes will be released in the future.
      • On the content side I have a major shoutout to make to @MrsLove who has been incredible adding tons of content to the wiki. Major milestones of content additions include an overhauled and polished front page, adding all the major main weapon and armor pages including their spells to the Wiki (you can't believe how many there are - a few hundred pages at least!), tons of information on animals and mounts, capes, special capes and bags and so many more things that I can just recommend everyone to take a peek at the recent changes on the Wiki!
      • More shoutouts go out to @Surlo, @AndrewTotoro, @Aylok and many others who have been helping to polish existing pages and adding more content!
      • Finally I would like to end this with a few links to pages that exist on the wiki, but not many people know about. Some of these still need a bit of help and polish - but with a few more helping hands have the potential to be great:
        • A wiki-based World Map.
        • The Albion Guild Registry - where everyone can add their own guilds information like contact details or basic information.
        • A section for Player Guides that we will try and tackle soon. If you have guides or want to add existing guides to the wiki - please go ahead and do so!
        • Great Weapon pages like Hunter, Mage and Warrior.
        • A growing list of the Abilities in-game.
        • Extensive information on Mounts, Capes, Vanity Items, ...
        • .. and so much more!
      And that's it! I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things or mentions, but ping me about it and I'll let everyone know about it asap.

      In case you want to help with the Wiki, please don't hesitate. It is open to everyone and the only thing you need to do to get involved is log-in on the wiki with your official forum credentials and click on the Edit button on the top right of the page. We are always looking for more community members who can help with polishing or making sure the pages are up to date.

      If you want to get in touch, please reply to this thread or say hello in the #wiki-discussion channel on the Official Albion Discord!

      Current Status:
      • We have a public Trello Board now! Take a look at this if you want to see what we are currently working on.
      • We're looking for more contributors! Read this thread, especially the next few posts if you want to get involved!
      Any questions or suggestions? Please reply to this thread!

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    • How do I get involved?

      super fast & easy:
      1. find an article that needs improving, by surfing the wiki or searching for something
      2. log in (with your AO credentials, aka your email address & password you use here)
      3. click the 'edit' button on any page you find
      4. write what you think needs to be part of the article, click save and voilà - you're done - thanks for helping ! :)

      • Every bit of information is helpful!
      General notes and reminders:

      We also have our own channel on the official Albion Online Discord!

      You can join the discord server here.

      .. from there you can message away in the #wiki-discussion chat. See you there

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    • The Albion Wiki has a few special rules that you should read here:

      Bogul wrote:

      Wanted: Albion Wiki Community Editor

      The Albion Wiki Project is looking for a few knowledgeable community members who want to join the Albion Wiki Project as an Albion Wiki Community Editor.

      Who are you?
      • You are a member of the Albion Online community and you know a lot about the game mechanics of Albion, its quirks and its various other random fun details.
      • You are confident in using the English language to write and edit content for what is going to be the official Albion community knowledge resource: The Albion Wiki.
      • You have at least 8 hours per month of time to write new content, player guides and polish existing pages on the official Wiki.
      • You will actively contribute to the discussion and day-to-day on how to improve, maintain and moderate the Albion Wiki now and in the future.
      Your perks and benefits:
      • You can directly influence the design, content and feel of the up and coming Official Albion Online Wiki.
      • You will have editor rights on the Albion Wiki.
      • You will have access to a direct communication channel with the Albion Online community team who run the day to day operations of the growing Albion Online community.
      • You will get a shiny special Wiki Editor tag on the Official Forums.
      • Upon successful completion of the 4 week trial period, you will get:
        • Access to the Round Table section on the official forums.
        • Special access rights on the Test Server to verify the various game mechanics.
      • As a token of our appreciation for your time, you will receive one (1) 10.000 Gold code per month to use however you wish!
      Great ! How do I join?
      • Hop on the Wiki, start editing and join the the official Albion Discord (#wiki-discussion) and let us know that you are doing it! Show us what you can do.
      • Over the course of the next month you can get to know the rest of the team, read up on the current progress of the Wiki and familiarize yourself with what is happening.
      • As soon as we get to know each other and you pass the sniff test (and approval) of the Community Manager after about 4 weeks time, you will get the respective perks for the first time, and thus officially join the Albion Wiki Team team!
      Note: We are currently looking for up to five (5) editors to join the team starting right now. This is part of the promotional effort to polish the Wiki together with the F2P release of Albion Online.

      What are you waiting for? Let's get together and set up a proper Wiki for our favorite game :)

      -- Bogul (Albion Wiki Admin)

      Official Resources

      Official Sources & Websites
      Other Official Sources
      If you are still looking for a guild, make sure to keep an eye on the guild recruitment forum section of the official forums.
      If you have a beginner question, there is a beginner question’s forum for you. Maybe your question was already answered?

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    • Previous Updates & Topics of the Week:
      (most recent on the bottom)

      A list of things that should be on the wiki, but arent or need more love <3 :

      please post in the thread below if you think there is something missing from the wiki and I will try to maintain a list of current to-do's here in this post!

      If you feel particularly like writing about a subject or know a place where someone wrote something already, you can also just give it a go and write a tiny article or leave a link as a response to this thread and I will try to include it into the official wiki!

      " the list of to-do's" (updated and revised in random intervalls)

      • list of all spells
      • list of all items
      • list of all weapons edit: see here and here
      • list of mobs (waiting for the randomized dungeons update)
      • list of boss encounters (World Bosses)
      • links to patchnotes
      • links to major patches (Nimue)
      • entries for guilds (?)
      • entries for "famous" people (?) / devs (?)
      • a better how-to introduction (not completely done ; but some rules are here)
      • an updated main page of the wiki (done, looks sexy)
      • cross-links to good "guide" artilces (Player Guides)
      • articles on game mechanics (need more suggestions!)
      • list of large community or guild discords (need input)
      • pictures of gear edit: here is an awesome resource
      • How resourse nodes spawn
      • Timers
      • T7-8 nodes spawn differently
      • Enchanting percentages
      • Siphoned Energy (Siphoned Energy)
      • GvG mechanics edit:GvG Mechanics & Ruleset
      • Warcamps - Sending attacks and pacifying
      • Sending attacks from territories
      • Retaliate/counterattack
      • Hellgate mechanics (needs more work)
      • Overview of the different open world zones (Blue, Yellow, Red, Black)
      • The Destiny Board (needs more work)
      • Gathering and crafting progression (needs more work)
      • Combat leveling progression (needs more work)
      • Learning points and the respec system (needs more work)
      • Focus points (needs more work)
      • Resource gathering (biomes) (needs more work)
      • Crafting stations (differences in return rates, taxes, food requirements)
      • The world map and mini map
      • Guild territories (territories)
      • Resource terri's (territories)
      • Farm terri's (territories)
      • Town terri's (territories)
      • Castles (Castle)
      • Various weapons and their appearance at different tiers.
      • Various furniture items and their appearance at different tiers.
      • Various weapons and their appearance at different tiers.
      • resource node respawn times
      • City plots
      • Island plots (workstations)
      • IP
        • Cluster reduction
        • Effect on gathering gear
      • Resource bosses
      • GvGs
      • Warcamps
      • OW dungeons (PvP survival strategies)
      • Fame credit system

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    • +1 for the initiative.

      Albion Online could definately use an updated resourse for many core mechanics, since they seem to change a lot over time. Having to read through several pages of patch notes after having had a 2 month break from the game is kind of horrible. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for new players to learn this game.
    • We could start by compiling a list of stuff that needs updated:

      • How resourse nodes spawn
        • Timers
        • T7-8 nodes spawn differently
        • Enchanting percentages
      • Siphoned Energy
        • How it spawns from mages in different continents
        • Killing them
      • GvG mechanics
        • Warcamps - Sending attacks and pacifying
        • Sending attacks from territories
        • Retaliate/counterattack
    • The official guides section of the website has a lot of basic knowledge guides as well here:

      But it might be worth it to consolidate or cross-link those articles?

      I'm working on moving all of the guides over so everyone can help adding and improving them. But this takes a while. Edit: mostly complete

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    • Stuff to add to the to-do list:
      • Hellgate mechanics
      • Overview of the different open world zones (Blue, Yellow, Red, Black)
      • The Destiny Board
        • Gathering and crafting progression

        • Combat leveling progression

        • Learning points and the respec system
      • Focus points
      • Resource gathering (biomes)
      • Crafting stations (differences in return rates, taxes, food requirements)
      • The world map and mini map
      • Guild territories
        • Resource terri's
        • Farm terri's
        • Town terri's
      • Castles
    • A wiki with everything in it is definitely needed.

      I had to ask somebody who had T8 bows the other day to equip one for me so I could see the visuals.

      I don't want to level something all the way to T8 just to realise I don't like the appearance of it but then I suppose we have no other choice.
      I just like having a laugh.

    • Piddle wrote:

      Nulfar wrote:

      A wiki with everything in it is definitely needed.

      I had to ask somebody who had T8 bows the other day to equip one for me so I could see the visuals.

      I don't want to level something all the way to T8 just to realise I don't like the appearance of it but then I suppose we have no other choice.
      I appreciate your devotion to aesthetics.
      how come the wiki doesn't show you what the weapons actually look like
      • Over the next months I will try to tackle a specific topic or feature every week or every other week. (edit: changed to monthly focus / topics)
      • I want to invite everyone to help out!
      • I will try to provide us with a starting point and I am hoping you guys can add feedback, corrections fix typos or provide me with advice how to improve the topic and the article of the week.
      • I have decided that as a first oder of business the first content I will tackle to get used to the wiki is fishing.
      If you have any cool guides, information, helpful posts on the forums, videos - anything really .. please leave a link here in this thread!

      I will leave a link to the main article I want to tackle this week here:

      So far this entry is a heavy WIP (work in progress) entry and will contain placeholders and a lot of unfinished content and information.

      Please add anything you think is relevant, simply by opening the page and clicking on edit on the top right!
      If you want to be pro, you can sign-in on the top right of the page first, but you can also edit or fix minor things without logging in!

      I will collect links to relevant topics & guides below so we can pick and chose what to put into the article.

      I will try to update this list as I collect more info.

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