Carrotsmiths is recruiting!

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    • Carrotsmiths is recruiting!

      Hey you! Carrotsmiths needs you! We`re a new guild with a friendly staff and were looking to up our member count. We have a friendly staff, Guild Events, Group gathering and PvP. Join us and help us grow!

      See you online!

      Leaders: Ehtoz - Immijimmi - Redtint - Mookiesan - Rainwater24
    • Hi Heftyflaps

      Currently we are small guild that is looking to expand and learn the game. Most of us are from the steam launch nearly a month ago. We currently have 10 or so members. Whats most important is that everyone find a reason and purpose in the guild. Whether that leading fame farms, PvP (further down the line) or just gathering, our goals right now are to expand and hopefully grow to a small/medium sized guild. In which everyone feels they can relax and enjoy some company. We're mostly a mixed bag of 20 somethings, mainly Americans, 2 Brits, a Singaporean fellow and a couple of Canadians.

      our current goals are :
      1. create a friendly and active guild
      2. recruiting and increasing our guilds size to be able to clear more content.
      2. get a consistent red and black dungeon daily up and running
      3. move towards PvP and implementing a re-gearing process for guild activities.
      4. implementing a guild event schedule

      add me or message me personally about the guild i'd be happy answer any questions or if you want talk over discord join us here

      Leaders: Ehtoz - Immijimmi - Redtint - Mookiesan - Rainwater24

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