Devs thoughts on hunter hood?

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    • Devs thoughts on hunter hood?

      I'm just really curious on the thought process of the design of retaliate. How is it inferno shield a while back had a 50% reflect and the developers realized this was a massive problem and nerfed it yet allow a 100% reflect to remain in the game and on top of that buff it's cd.
      Please can i get a developers response on why they think this is okay and inferno shield is not?

      As it stands right now 90% of my open world fights are vs people who run retaliate and it's really starting to get boring. The fact that i have to stop doing damage for 4 seconds while they can do as much as they want is a serious problem to the balance of this game, there needs to be a downside having a 100% reflect in the game and as it stands there isn't one. So either nerf the reflected damage or give some massive disadvantage if used incorrectly.
    • I completely agree! However, I main soldier Armour with dual swords so they allow me to stack easily just by autoing them and when it goes down i just one shot. But for the most part about 80% of players do use the hood so maybe it does need to be looked at
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