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      Hello Devs. i would like to suggest some new weapons to the game, and hear out the community feedback as like yours. In advance i need to report that english it's not my main language, so as you'll see there is many gramatical and spell errors that must be ignored.


      It would be nice to see new staffs and weapons in the mage tree, we already have FIRE and ICE, why not introduce new elements to the game, each one with a specific role.

      What could be more cool than an Electric mage theme for a new DPS class? NOTHING it's the right answer!
      While Firemages fill the DPS role with their huge damage, and DoT mechanics, Electric ones could enter in the battlefield mixing Damage and CC, 1h staffs/wands do single target dmg and apply single target CC, while 2h staffs capable to bring storms, electrocute multiple targets, or even creating some kind of electromagnetic sphere.

      Q -
      1-) Electric Bolt - ( Single target dmg, the bread and butter of this class, this skill applies some kind of electric field that stacks and could be used combined with other skills to create many effects and combos )

      2-) Chain Lightning - ( This one could be an electric bolt that spreads to enemies doing dmg to the first one and applying electrified status to other enemies in a certain range)

      W -
      1-) Discharge - ( Discharge electrified enemies consuming all the stacks applied to them doing dmg and applying CC, proportional to the numer of stacks.)
      2-) Ionic repulsion - ( Knocks backs electrified enemies, far away from the caster, proportional to the number of stacks)
      3-) Electrical Sphere - ( Conjure an electrical sphere that do damag aoe damage in their way consuming electrified stacks)

      E -
      1-)Electric Current - The names speaks for itself, an electric arc that does huge damage
      2-)Thunderstorm - Huge thunderstorm that do damage over time (like blazings staff)
      3-)Thunder form- the mage sprints in an untargetable electric form doing damage to enemies in the way.
      3-)Electromagnectig sphere- that pulls all the electrified enemies to it!!!!

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      They could be like ICE mages, but with more CC and less Dmg, bringing to the game the concept of terrain modification.
      LOTS OFF CC, DEBUFF etc.

      P.S.: I would love to have AIR MAGES as a support class, but that would do some confusion with the preexistent wind walls skills in the game.


      I don't like the concept myself but surely many people do.

      Tactical weapons designed to poison and undermine enemies to distance


      Slice them all, sharp and cold steel that deals huge amounts of damage and pierce armor cause bleeding or something like that.

      >>>OFF HAND>>>>

      Am i the only one that hates the concept of torchs as they actually are in the game? They look silly and narratively incorrect, it does not make any sense, one guy carrying a big, heavy, clunky torch have an increasse in his attack speed. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying to take torches away, they are super dope and certainly have their place in many players hearts, but comon attack speed does not make any sense, maybe it could add some DoT bonus...
      I would love to see something like an runic glove, or even an simple glove in off hand that adds atack speed, since the user could be more agile while have one hand free to use in the combat.

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    • As long as the weapons being introduced don't overlap with other weapons I'm fine with it.

      Take Katanas for example, what would they do that swords don't already do? Would they be an entire new sword family with 6 types of asian swords? Or would they just add a 7th sword? But in either case, if they don't do something unique to swords and other weapons in the game, why bother?

      The Storm Staff idea on the otherhand could work because we don't currently have a weapon that focuses on straight line, piercing AE for example. Most weapons just use traditional AE. So a weapon that has a Q, W, and E skills that are all designed around on piercing lightning bolts could be interesting.

      But other things like a melee healer oriented weapon would be a welcome addition too.