iOS UI Feedback - Please Devs, Listen

    • iOS UI Feedback - Please Devs, Listen

      Hi Albion Team,

      The one improvement I absolutely think you need to make is ability to increase UI scale above 100%. I’m trying to play on iPhone 8 Plus and the buttons are just too small. It’s very much a chore trying to make sure that I hit the right button or right spot on the screen. Love this otherwise. Runs pretty good so far too.

      Just please. Begging you here. Allow players to increase button size. Thanks!
    • Its just an obvious UI/UX improvement. Being in the beta this long I cant beleive it hasnt been included in an update. Just make the button scale able to go to 150 or 200% or something. It needs to be done. Why limit your player base? The more options you have the more customers you open yourself up to which means more money.

      Maybe its easier said than done and there is a technical hurdle. Ive looked through the forums and noticed this mentioned a lot. It’d be great to hear what the team at Sandbox Interactive has to say.