Too long duration on living armor

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    • Too long duration on living armor

      I don't get how can you get healing and armor for a whole 8 seconds.
      Blocks last for 2, Retaliates 4 and offer same defense amount plenty of other densives buffs, like the armor boosts on the broadswords E is barely 2 secs.
      I see now with the next season patch's Dev talk, they intend on nerf the great nature staff in it's already well-balanced offense with "their attack should be somewhat reduced: for example, their DoT range will be decreased". Why?!
      They just explained that the major problem is their survavibility, why nerfing the damage?!
      Of course if you never die you win, it doesn't mean it's the damage that must be balanced!

      It's the living armor duration, nothing else is to blame on that staff! Don't start changing ALL nature's staves for ONE skill design flaw!
      8 seconds, with 25 sec CD, with omelettes and leather armor passives means that it's basically possible to maintain it uptime 50% on someone which is why it's OP, it's not meant to be up that long.
      Between their LA, I can't, or barely, build my 3 charges on any charge weapons to burst during the time it's off!
      And no, it's not to people to equip debuff and purges to counter a bad design flaw, the skill makes 2v1 more than easy, this is obviously broken and out of hand.
      Just because some people don't equip a purge shouldn't make someone being able to 10v1, this is absurd.

      Give it a regular 4 secs duration, simple as that, basically to avoid bursts of damage, not to self sustain a whole combat's duration, but instead to counter bursts. That's what living armor is intended on doing.
      Raise healing or armor if you guys want, but reduce the duration.

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