Weeping Repeater Crossbow Needs Massive Overhaul

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    • Weeping Repeater Crossbow Needs Massive Overhaul

      Right now the only people who ever use the Weeping Repeater Crossbow is because it's a cheap artifact they can use to level instead of siege bow or boltcasters. On top of this, the weapon doesn't 'repeat' anything, is 2 handed, and the E does less than light crossbow.

      I propose changing Explosive Mine to passively generate a mine stack every 10 seconds with a maximum of 3 mines. You can then repeatedly throw out as many mines as you have stacks.

      This should give the crossbow a distinct playstyle instead of feeling almost identical to the 1handed crossbow.
    • as we can deduce from its name, it coulda be fast firing minigun. instead, it is mine-laying bullshit. this 2-handed artifact does less dmg than 1-handed non artifact (light xbow), that is bullshit in square.

      Ah, and please dont forget curse is quite underpowered now, almost no one plays cursed at gvg and zvz now, these low-damage low-range vile curses do nothing in current burst meta.

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