Fame lost while refining in bulk

  • Fame lost while refining in bulk

    I refined over 2000 6.0 cloth having lvl1 master refiner
    when i was done i was lvl 11 master refiner

    without using LP refining 2000 x6.0 cloths should take me up to 27lvl
    11 lvl is done with ~611 6.0 resources.

    So what happened with fame for remaining 1400 cloths?

    After this first 2000 i started refining only whats required for one level, and now the numbers were correct, so it only happens with mass refining.

    In total, after refining 2600 6.0 and 129 6.1 cloths im at lvl 19 of master fiber weaver, i should be lvl33-34


    Below calculation table, far right is total number of 6.0 to achieve lvl x from lvl 1

    'Cacatio Matutina Est Tamquam Medicina'

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