*UPDATED* GvG Season 3 Schedule

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  • *UPDATED* GvG Season 3 Schedule

    GvG Season 3

    NOTE: Changes to energy yield have been added to the end of this post.

    The upcoming GvG Season 3 (Summer 2018) is just around the corner, and we want to give you all the details you'll need to plan accordingly.

    Season 3: Important Dates

    • 23.06.2018 (Saturday): Season 3 starts (reset, invasion)
    • 24.06.2018 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by timezone)
    • 25.06.2018 (Monday): First GvGs
    • 21.07.2018 (Saturday): Resets and invader spawns
    • 18.08.2018 (Saturday): Resets and invader spawns, all scores doubled
    • 14.09.2018 (Friday): Final GvGs
    • 15.09.2018 (Saturday): Season 3 ends
    Season 3: Details

    June 23rd: Start of Season 3
    • The season kicks off after Saturday's downtime
    • After downtime, the ownership of all resource territories (ie not home territories, farm territories, or city territories, as these three types are not affected by Seasons in any way) is reset, so all resource territories become unowned.
      • They go into an unclaimable state at this point, so no guild can reclaim them yet
      • Additionally, GvGs cannot take place or be scheduled until a later re-start
    • Over Saturday and Sunday, you will have two opportunities to claim batches of territories:
      • Territories with a primetime starting at 1200, 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000 and 2100 UTC happen at 18:00 UTC on Saturday 23.06.2018.
      • Territories with a primetime starting at 2200, 2300, 0000, 0100, 0200, 0300, 0400 and 0500 UTC happen at 01:00 UTC on Sunday 24.06.2018.
      • We split them up into groups so that a) they’re always first claimable during their primetime (because you can only claim territories during primetime), and b) as many as possible become claimable at the same moment: if you want to grab a lot of them, you'll need to spread your forces out across the map to cover lots of territories at the same time
      • This is, in effect, a “do you have enough open-world PvP strength?” check for territory control
    • For this to work, claiming requires time and people, as in each of these territories a new boss will spawn to defend it:
      • The boss is balanced for groups of about 5, and requires around five minutes to kill
      • It has various tricks up its sleeve to stop larger groups from taking it down
      • Once the boss is gone, the territory can be claimed – which now takes a channel time similar to siege camps, so you can’t just ninja it from under another Guild’s noses
    June 24th: Scoring Begins
    • At the start of each resource territory’s primetime on June 23rd (or 24th for the later territories), scoring is enabled for that territory
    • Daily points are as follows:
      • Red zone territories: 96 points
      • Anglia territories (low Outlands): 192 points
      • Cumbria territories (medium Outlands): 288 points
      • Mercia territories (high Outlands): 384 points
    • Points are scored at the end of each territory’s primetime
    • Points are generated by new NPCs that will populate your territories, called Siphoning Mages
      • These Mages draw the raw power from the territories, and collect it on their person before passing it on
      • They spawn dynamically (1.5h 2h, 3h, 6h), until the maximum of four are present
      • They position themselves round the GvG capture points in each territory
      • They can be killed by any player from a different Alliance
      • If you kill another Guild’s Mages, they drop some Siphoned Energy
      • Additionally, players can now place Mages for Siphoning Energy, whether it is in their own territory or in their enemy’s
    • Siphoned Energy, which stockpiles in a new section of the Guild UI, and can be withdrawn (and re-deposited) by Guild Masters and Right Hands
    June 25th: GvGs start
    • No GvGs can be scheduled to happen between the start of the season and downtime on the 25th.
      • You can declare them before this, but they cannot start before this.
      • This should ensure that every territory gets the same number of GvG slots throughout the season
    June 26th onwards: Let the Battles Begin
    • Once GvGs have started, things proceed as you would expect:
    July 21st: Mid-season Reset 1
    • A month in, we do an in-season reset
    • This plays out like the start of the season:
      • GvGs can’t happen around this time
      • Claims are dropped at downtime on the 21st
      • Territories become claimable, and bosses spawn, in the same blocks throughout the day and into the next
      • Points start scoring during territory primetime on the 22nd
      • GvGs start again on the 23rd
    • This is done to shake up the status quo a bit, do another open-world strength check, and provide some additional structure to the season
    August 18th: Mid-season Reset 2 + Double Points
    • As above
    • From this point on until the end of the season, all new points scored are doubled, so the final month is worth as much as the previous two combined
      • This stops a winner from being crowned too early, and gives a good reason to really push in the last month, so activity is biased towards the end of the season rather than the start
    September 14th: Last Call
    • Points scoring for the season ends for each territory at the end of its downtime on September 14th/15th, and GvGs can’t happen between this time and the end of the season
    September 15th: End of Season 3
    • At downtime on the 15th, the season officially ends, and victory-related stuff happens
    This whole system is hanging off a very flexible event-scheduling system, so we have a lot of flexibility in how we set it up. Barring any major issues, the above will be how Season 3 runs, but we have a lot of options in terms of adjusting subsequent seasons to make them more interesting and fun.

    UPDATE: GvG Territory changes

    With the start of Season 3 we will adjust the amount of energy yield of territories in the Outlands:

    • Mercia: 384 → 336 (-12.5%)

    • Cumbria: 288 →288 (+0%)

    • Anglia: 192 → 240 (+25%)

    Territories on the Royal continent will remain the same:
    • Royal: 96 → 96 (+0%)

    These changes should make holding Mercia a slightly less dominant winning strategy, while at the same time increasing the value of raiding Siphoning Mages in Anglia.