Make Frost Mage interesting again

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    • Make Frost Mage interesting again

      Hi guys,

      It is long time that frost mage is considered a medium weapon in all fields, yes it can be used, but it seems that doesn't excels in nothing...

      In my opinion Freezing Wind, Ice Crystal Frostbolt and Frost Bomb must be improved... Damage comparing to energy consuption and CC is too Low.

      I suggest these changes:

      Frostbolt: energy cost ---> reduced

      Frost Bomb: time between the cast and the detonate ---> reduced

      duration of slow ---> reduced

      Freezing Wind : Damage ---> increased
      energy cost ---> reduced
      rooting duration---> increased

      Ice Crystal: Cool down ---> reduced
      Damage ---> increased

      I think that with this little modification, frost mage will be more used and maybe could be viable also in GvG


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