Albion Online will reach these MMO's boring and outdated?

  • Albion Online will reach these MMO's boring and outdated?

    Well, that is a list with most played PC games in 2014:

    It is possible that Albion Online will reach such garbages that are still on the market above?

    Its difficult to say, but with these unique ideas in Albion Online, an isometric view (old school/mu online,ragnarok), with an amazing dev team this game has, multiplatform (PC, Mac, mobile/tablets, browser, etc...), is it possible?

    I dont think graphics is the main factor for a success MMO, but with a different way to play, to compete and to have fun.

    I know it will be hard at first , but I have faith that it will be a very fun MMO with at least 2 million players.
  • Archeage was one of the biggest flops I've ever seen in my entire life and if it can make its way onto that list i got high hopes this game can as-well.

    Interesting fact though: "ONLY 6.21% OF F2P MMOERS STAY AFTER THE FIRST YEAR"
    What dreams are made of.
  • Remember that regular player who play and pay is dude around 30-35 years now. They have total different taste in games than younger generation. They like sentimental travels to the past. And game like Albion Online bring this. Just look how many past Ultima Online players waiting for this title. How many EVE Online people. Some of Runescape to. And I think that AO should be dedicated for this groups. AO will be my retirement game, on market every year is less and less interesting titles. Or I already seen to much same stuff. :P
  • From the stats i don't think it will make that list.

    It would need a lot of twitch coverage.

    From the type of game that Albion is I think people are overestimating how far Albion will go. 1 thing that would immediately turn me off any game is the low staff numbers involved in it. Albion being a great example.

    Albion is the exact type of game i love but realistically I know it isn't going to be a big seller so my standards for this game are already set.

    So I warn you guys from past experience that this will most likely not break into those games.

    You can try to persuade me otherwise but I've seen pretty much mirror images of this game on a different genre just fail in general and they actually have more content that what is available in Albion online.

    1 positive comment is that the community is always consistent and long lasting.
  • How can you call those games garbage? SOME of them are pretty unique in their own way. And are obviously very successful games. Even Archeage has many more unique features planned than Albion. I honestly can't see Albion topping Archeage sadly. And they are both very similar. 2015-16 are going to be awesome years for gaming. Albion has a TON of competition and such a little team. Its a good game for those old school gamers, that's about it.

    From the test....Albion is so far a DECENT game needing a lot of work and more features to keep it alive. But it will never come close to the majority of those games. Especially the top five.
  • Firstly, I would to make clear that I was referring only to MMO's on the list.

    Secondly, yes, I think MMO's, where 90% are missions that makes for an NPC with an exclamation point on top of their heads, are boring, outdated, trash, (put a blemish here), etc...

    We need something new, something like Albion Online, without levels that we have to reach or classes regulating our way of play, with more freedom, more hardcore MMO! That's what we need!
  • Every day I pray to God for an independence and insignificance of Albion and what I see ? tones of ads on every website, The system of payment should be based on subscription like in WoW and EvE online, in other words, player is obliged to pay a monthly fee e.g. (Prepaid Card). This game deserves something better than one common and overcrowded sever full of mad and ugly hating kids.
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  • WOW has those numbers because its always played to a marketed base. Blizzard was already huge before WOW was released, everyone wanted a Warcraft avatar, that and they polished it up and made it run on Mac G3s, trendy. That and Everquest dropped the ball and told PVPers to go fuck themselves, how did that work out for them.
    The other games are just pass the time warzones and killy fun for people on the go.
    Hell Rubies of Eventide was a better mmo than most the crap on the market today I doubt it ever had over 100k players and its a dead game.
    Actually there are quite a few dead mmos better than most of the crap still surviving on item cash shops and marketing.