Ishukoji enters Albion Online

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    • Ishukoji enters Albion Online

      Hello, I'm Ishukoji. Nice too meet you all.

      I've just heard about Albion Online from an advert on Youtube.

      Also, anyone has an playlist on the web I can watch for helping me get started, all I seem to find is end game PVP and GvG videos. would like to see a playlist for helping new players understand the game and go into detail on the skill tree ( it looks mind numbing )

      And I'm looking for people to play Albion with too.

      Thanks for reading,
    • Thanks so much, for the warm welcome :D

      I watched Lewpac22, very good videos. thanks for the suggestion

      Heard that a lot is going to change in the merlyn update, like gather spots and some sort of faction warfare, looking to see how that all works out.

      Really enjoying my time in the trail so far, but unable to get the full game for a coupe of months yet, that's going to really bum me out.

      I'll still keep in the loop though and watch people play untill my bank account is back in order.

      Thanks for reading,
      - Ishukoji