Make Lifetouch E (Holy Touch) cast-able during CC

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    • Make Lifetouch E (Holy Touch) cast-able during CC


      Text of Holy Touch:
      Channeled heal which repeatedly heals you or an ally in close range. Each tick heals for X, and also removes all negative effects.

      Text of Cleanse:
      Removes any movement-impairing effects and debuffs on you and allies in close proximity. (Doesn't remove damage over time spells)

      Cleanse is cast-able during CC, allowing you to un-stun yourself if you are stunned. The text of Holy Touch would suggest it functions the same, but it does not. Holy Touch is a very weak ability because it is channeled and has an extremely short range (3m, suggested to improve to 6m with the NDA balance changes, but this is still not enough to make it viable).

      In order to improve this ability, I would suggest that you make Holy Touch cast-able during CC like Cleanse is. Holy Touch is single target so even with this change it would be a relatively weak cleanse (compared to all other cleanse abilities that are AOE).

      Because holy users have no cleanse, they must wear a mercenary hood during PvP to mitigate CC. This change would allow more flexibility in the holy kit during PvP because they could choose to take a different hat when using the Lifetouch staff.