The Adventures of the Antipodean Menace.

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  • The Adventures of the Antipodean Menace.

    5th of June, The First Year of Albion.

    It has been a long and arduous journey to these far off lands, my connection to this new home is still terrible, often times I am left cursing the very gods who made it for their disdain of my people. However, at long last I have found other fellows of similar sunny dispositions, who know the truth when all the others on this strange land are celebrating the end to their so called winter campaigns that it is in fact the polar opposite to our own fate.

    At long last we have united, banding together under a banner we all know and laugh over, Centrelink-Straya.



    + 18-05-2018 +

    Current Spring Season Ranking


    Total Fame

    68.2 million

    Fame for Killing Players

    4.9 million

    Fame for Killing Mobs

    23.6 million

    Fame for Gathering

    2.5 million

    Fame for Crafting

    34.4 million

    Total Killed Players


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