Frost VS Fire VS Warlock

  • I'd recommend 1H fire staff. Very good dps on one target, making it great in small group pvp.

    As for ganking, the main 3 weapons used are claws, bloodletter and double bladed staff. Mages have no way to lock down a mount and get someone dismounted and mages have no mobility.

    I have heard rumors of frost staff getting a buff soon, if this is the case perhaps frost would be a good way to go? My buddy mains great frost staff and it is so amazing for pve.
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  • Fire is the only viable staff at the moment imo. Warlock has so many issues with it and Frost was recently nerfed (~6 months) and has never recovered since. As long as Fire retains Fire Wall, it will always be a staple in organized PVP and while not especially strong in ganking, it is still a strong 1v1 weapon. It just can't dismount or hold targets as the poster above mentioned.

    While not effective, I will say a 1h Frost user surprised me the other day by using their E skill and then frost beaming me (first time I've ever seen it used in open world) which held me long enough for friends to catch up. I still escaped with relative ease, but that's due largely to the tools they give gatherers + bloodletter. Still was surpsied by it.

    Frost is also more fun to play than Fire IMO and with the Cleric Sandal changes next patch, having access to double blink via nova and cleric sandals could be a blast.

    In the end it's best to just play what you enjoy and stick with it. The grind in this game is excessive imo and you'll last longer playing what you enjoy and not worrying about if it's meta or not. You can always outnumber the enemy and have a reasonable shot of success :)
  • In my opinion, as one of the most people that play GvG's each day is the next:

    Right now probably the best ellection is fire, you have the firewall that is pretty good vs comp with 3 melees, the problem is, if you face same time the next day , they will counter it using Knight Helmet , so you will be fucked. So, the next patch Icycle is getting buff, it can't be countered by Knight Helmet, so in my opinion you should lvl up both, i think vs dive comp Icycle will be the best way for counter it and then vs 2 range the best will be Fire, because you have more damage, and also can wear off hand (Taproot or Shield) . also and with this already finished for chock map "Permafrost" in my opinion is better than fire.