2018 May Independent kFame Leaderboards

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    • 2018 May Independent kFame Leaderboards

      Indie leaderboards for May are out:


      Toriblacklol of Famiglia moves into the top solo PvP rank, and the top overall rank for the month - GG Toriblack - you're a beast.

      Blue Army hangs on to the top spot for overall guild PvP.

      Crimson Imperium Reborn maintained the top spot for GvG kFame... Undoubtedly due to the fact that all of the top 6 GvGers for the month call CIR home - congrats to the following bad-asses in top GvG kFame:

      #1 Licitank
      #2 Beodavildje
      #3 BBC1
      #4 SotrasHoe
      #5 Boedavildje
      #6 Syndic

      Other item of note:
      2,030 guilds appeared in PVP during the month of may - A huge increase from 1,378 the month prior. Let's keep the steamers getting in on the action!

      --- EDIT ---
      I've added a new sheet type: "Gank Rank" ... this is "sans GVG" sorted by FAME BALANCE.. where fame balance is Kill Fame minus Death Fame.

      Reddit thread is at reddit.com/r/albiononline/comm…me_leaderboards_may_2018/

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