iPhone 6S Plus Experience/Feedback

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    • iPhone 6S Plus Experience/Feedback


      I’d like to share my experience so far using the 6S Plus.

      When I installed the game, the defaults were set to high. After playing this way for a bit, I noticed the game kept crashing, especially in populated areas. So I turned all the settings down to the lowest they would go and the game seems to be running pretty flawlessly. I still run into problems in cities; slow to load, rubber banding, glitchy movement, etc. I have noticed, though, that if I’m on WiFi this clears up a little bit. Outside of cities it’s smooth sailing.

      The screen is just big enough that it doesn’t feel terribly cramped, but I still have a hard time making out quantity numbers in item stacks. Changing the resolution in the graphics settings doesn’t appear to do anything (such as increase the UI size). It would also be nice to have some 3D Touch features; for instance, soft press to open info and hard press to use or deposit the items, soft press to target and hard press to attack. Perhaps some gesturing, such as double finger swiping, etc. Things like that would be convenient, but just nice-to-haves really since the game works fine otherwise.

      As for sound, I have to have my phone off of silent mode when it game starts for it to work. If I boot it up on silent, then turn silent mode off, Ill usualy just get ambience with no music or effects. I tried turning on the effects for self in video settings, just for giggles, but that didn’t help any. I don’t usually play with sound on my phone, but figured that might be helpful.

      All in all, I’m pretty stoked about playing on my different devices and being able to play wherever I am. It allows me to play so much more! Thanks to the dev teams for making this happen!

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