Deadly Shot changes...

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    • Deadly Shot changes...

      I'm very confused with the intent behind the deadly shot changes. You're changing it now to be an attack speed buff for a few seconds after you use the ability.

      That attack speed is only going to benefit auto attacks, which have a shorter range than the skill so you're effectively nullifying the range bonus of the skill.
      Players will want to use the skill asap so most players won't gain any benefit for a portion of the attack speed buff as they channel the skill again leaving only 2 auto attacks between the shot.
      The skill itself will do a lot of damage, but it now has a cooldown thus encouraging people to spam it nullifying much of its benefit.
      Bows already have a passive to give attack speed.

      It's clear you want bow users to be stationary spamming auto attacks all day. But you're not giving them a way to actually do this. They can't afford to spam auto attack with explosive shot because they will need the mobility the other skills offer to offset the stationary playstyle auto attacking will cause. If you want bow users to spam auto attack all day you need to make their auto attacks much further range.

      Why not keep deadly shot at 13 and make the skill increase your auto attack range by 20%?
      Why not leave the damage alone and make it instant cast like poison shot but with a 3 second cooldown so players truly benefit from the full duration of the skill?
      Why not remove multi-shot, put explosive arrows in its place, and make it also an instant cast shot making your auto attacks AE for a few seconds and you can replace the W skill with a GvG focused ability? The interaction between rain of arrows and explosive was always a bandaid anyway... just increase rain of arrows damage by 10%.
    • letwolf schrieb:

      where do you see these changes? I see only range increase in NDA
      • Deadly Shot (all bows)
        • Removed the cast Speed Increase
        • It now increases Attack Speed by 30% for 3s (doesn't stack)
        • Cast Time: 1s -> 1.2s
        • Cooldown: 0s -> 2
        • Damage: 81.43 -> 128.70
        • Cast Range: 11m -> 13m -> 12m
        • Energycost: 4 -> 5

      Reptoid schrieb:

      They should change it to where after using the skill, it empowers you next 2 auto attacks to deal increased damage. That way you arent pressured as hard into just sitting stationary to utilize the attack speed, but can kite and still use it to full effect.
      Honestly things were looking fine when they were upping its range and with the added damage too it would have been a nice skill. All they had to do after that was reward players for stacking the haste buff as opposed to just dropping it after the 4th stack for no apparent reason. But these changes to try and push the bow into spamming auto attacks makes no sense unless there is a lot more to come that they haven't shown us yet.
    • The rest of the bows kit isn't bad to support auto attacking. Only longbow has an E that inhibits your ability to auto attack as it is a channel. All the W's have their own benefits, the only problem with bows being auto attack centric right now is the fact that the autos hit like wet noodles.
    • nice buff to dmg btw
      but autoattack speed buff is crap by all means
      bow tree have very low base autoattack damage (near 60 per arrow, like magic staffs, ~80/s)
      Compare it to axes, they doing 140/s or quarterstaffs, they doing 120/s

      other changes are cool, they definitely nerfing the sh_t out of all OP things, and it is beautiful

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    • Nvs1980 schrieb:

      That attack speed is only going to benefit auto attacks, which have a shorter range than the skill so you're effectively nullifying the range bonus of the skill.
      Think about the whispering bow ;) + you can get ready to drop DPS without exposing yourself.

      Tbh i think it is a good idea to go for auto attacks bonuses on bows, as Reptoid said above the bows do have a good kit to support this, explosive arrows is not the only possible W.

      Now with that changes i see that whispering and normal bow get buffed since they both rely on their AA.
      Lets see what build is the most efficient with this new Qspell !
    • What's more depressing is it's really only a matter of choice rather than having to code anything new. Apply explosive arrow code to those Q's. In fact you can make poison arrow a weaker version of undead arrows less the atk range increase. Add to this list of "re-usable code", this new deadly shot is basically a weaker version of speed shot plus a cast and cooldown time.

      Honestly though, a cast time? I rather just poison arrow then.
    • i'm pretty sick of seeing attack speed increases, why not just increase the damage of each auto by 30%.. so you can maintain damage output, but still move in between attacking. it is already impossible to kite while youre at 5 stacks on bow e.

      or just scrap deadly shot.

      just scrap it, put explosive arrows on q (preferably as a toggle spell) , then i can actually take ray of light on w.

      there. bows fixed.

      edit: the reason i say scrap it, is because there are already enough channelled spells in the game, and it doesnt really fit in with bows identity at all. You can see theyve realised this and are trying to make it synergize with the rest of its kit, which i appreciate, but it would easier to just get rid.

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    • Explosive arrows are fine as they is, idk if that a good idea to move them on Q, as they well synergize with multishot aswell. But cd rather long (20s vs 10s on Ray) so I would love to see ~15s cd on them.
      As for Undead Arrows (the E skill of Whispering, if anyone dont know), can be reworked just like Mercenary Jacket: its duration can be MUCH increased (like to 20 sec), but at the same time, number of undead shots limited (for example to 10-15 of them). This way, user can maintain any repositioning and any attack speed in between this skill active time (now he is just standing turret for duration of this skill)
    • heyw0od schrieb:

      sad thing about the explosive arrows changes is that they made it so you HAVE to take them if youre going to play longbow or have multishot q. i dont really understand why they couldnt have just buffed the damage without taking up a spell slot. but whatever, doubt they'll go back on that one.
      They should just get rid of multishot and make explosive shot a toggle Q ability instead and tone it down accordingly if necessary. I'd also much rather see them remove the interaction between explosive shot and just up the damage on rain of arrows. But at least with explosive being a Q toggle, it would interact a little better.