Several Ideas

  • Several Ideas

    1. Option to plant all 9 crops with one click or to be able to give focus to all crops in one go
    2. Option to pick up crops with one click
    3. More decorations for the house/island (Ex: Armour case or dummy to show off your armour instead to stashing it in a chest)
    *Make chests be dyable in different colours
    * Bring fountains for the island
    * Rose and flower gardens
    4. Bring firearms to the game, something T7 or T8 that requires lots of materials to create and has one shot only and it breaks or along them lines.
    5. Make characters share not only the gold but the silver amounts too, especially for people that have more than 2 characters
    6. Custom guild ranks that actually show in the character sheet, same as when it says Guild Master, officer, etc.....