Thinking about warfraction and politics in albion online

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  • Thinking about warfraction and politics in albion online

    Since Albion positions itself as a sandbox. It will be cool to look at the possibility of changing the game world in updates. I suggest using the following mechanisms:

    1. After the update, "Merlin" in the game will appear factions. Each faction will have an NPC who will collect an offering for this faction. For example: From the old world criminals fled, they accepted the faith of heretics and became the "gang of an iron fist" - their goal is to liberate Albion from royal influence. And one of the first tasks that they give to all players of Albion will be to collect 1 million swords t6.1. If the community fulfills this requirement, then the following modifiers are applied until the next patch: 1) Players who support the iron fist receive + 5% to the received fame 2) All players get -10% to the speed of movement -10% to collect resources 3) Possibility to buy a raider set at full set + 15% to the speed of movement)
    2. Add a policy element to cities. Each Gnz season in the city is the election measure. At the beginning of the season, one of the 4 candidates is described, the measures affect the city itself where it is elected, as well as the personal islands of players and guilds in each city. A measure may indicate the maximum% of tax on machines, the number of returned resources, a moratorium on auction slots, and so on. Every candidate for his program needs luxury goods + resources and money. After the victory, the game rules that were specified in the pre-election promises are applied. If not one measure does not win then the rules do not apply.
    3. I also propose to introduce petitions on the site of the game, where players can submit their proposal and also vote for the ideas they liked. This proposal will be reviewed by the developers and the answer will be provided on the game website.
    4. To change the personal islands, move away from the slots of the field and the house. Make universal slots where the player can independently indicate what he wants to receive.
    5. To rework the mechanics of city expeditions leave them only in the initial locations (t3 expedition) to translate further expeditions into maps that can only be obtained for activity on a personal island, for example in Mercenaries when they bring silver for a magazine.