Camlann mace..

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    • Camlann mace..

      it's "E" is was a nice idea. It could be useful, if everyone wasn't running a billion knight helms in zvzs. Maybe once in awhile someone gets off a decent one, but in large it's useless in most fights. It's probably better in gvgs, but why.. there much much mmuuucchhh better options in gvgs. So it's a Fame Farm weapon .. oh wait incubus is better. Oh, it also doesn't pull into a tight cluster like air compressor or witch work. Sometimes it pulls guys kinda around the target.

      The need to rework it is real.

      Just ideas
      Ground target instead of skill shot. So you don't have to wait for perfect los.

      Ignore the knight helms mech?

      Rework the E into a straight line spell like pole hammer, install cast longer range, bigger area, pulls players to the middle of the line after .75s

      If anyone else gots any ideas?
    • I don’t think lack of purges is the issue. Locus is a 15m purge(an absurd size) If anything we have too many Purge options

      If they just make it “special case” and it ignore knights helm, that’s a total cop out, just like how they had to limit reflect on high dmg weapons.
      Theyre bandaid fixes for more core issues with the design of the weapons themselves. just like making items “immune to purge” it’s not well thought out as far as a fix goes.

      Frankly so many issues have arisen from Kay Patch weapons, trying to balance a “zvz” artiFact in both GvG (where they’re prevalent) and ZvZ (also prevalent)

      SBI trying to balance weapons to be viable on the two wildest ends of the spectrum I s ridiculous. And imo a wasted effort. Remove Relics imo the correct answer. But we’ve gone thru enough patches with relics in mind I don’t think they’ll ever revert.

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    • When we look at which Relics are fulfilling their role correctly. Things like Grovekeeper aren’t popular in GvG because of the cooldown. plusthe stand time before stunning is easier to dodge. In ZvZ scenarios it’s viable because too many pple have to much to look at and 30s is more in line with other DPS cooldowns. so it works in ZvZ.

      This might be an avenue SBI can use. Use 30s as a standard for zvz timers or something. or Delayed action spells (stand times, long animations, etc) allows GVGers to use reaction speed to negate or counter Relic spell pushing them from GvG and preserving their intended role as ZvZ weapons.

      for camlann, maybe instead of an air compressor type spell it’s a ground target large AOE root. Like a tomb hammer but you don’t need a clear line to your target.

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    • Tune calmlan compression fly time is a good option imho.
      Up to 2 seconds like SS for example.
      So everyone without knight helm will not be pulled into the middle and free to ation instantly, but will be fully CCed for 2 sec, during slow beautiful flight to the middle of compression.
      Then calmlan will shine more then SS.

      Also, just imaging how cool animation may look.
      If for example use same amination as spirithunter and slow-mo it.
      All players without knight n a huge range starts slowly, during 2 seconds, magnet to one player unable to do anything, feeling all of them are gonna die now.
      (!) even more! What if targeter person also will be magnet to caster. Like AOE spirithunter! OMG, even thinning about it is awesome.
      @Korn @Retroman check this up ^

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    • the issue is proliferate use of knights helm completely countering the Camlann in its intended role. on top of that, Camlann as no real CC, you can clump, but you can’t hold them there.

      At least soulscythe still slows and damages pple even if they have Knights Helm active.

      That’s the issue with Camlann rn. Hard countered by the most common equipment in its role.

      The best use of it atm is to just constantly try to clump pple when knights helm is on CD