When does one stop Rping?

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    • When does one stop Rping?

      Ladies and Gentlemen

      I bring to you, a sincere apology

      For about a month now I Stormlord (your friendly neighborhood Spiderman) decided to try RP. Not in the sexual kind but in how I approached my life in albion.

      I am sorry

      the CLS RP TOO HARD

      we released we had achieved power levels exceeding 9000

      then I realized

      "you can all go f&^k yourselves"

      then I felt better.

      While I have been muted by Clementine, (a known R.A spie)I am not gone and you can follow the tears of my many victims through the Redlands, the forums, reddits, discords, global chats

      the CLS have not even started

      please enjoy our content

      <3 storm

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!


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    • I wish I remembered who said it. And how he said it... Something like, if you RP, even if you lose it is just part of the storyline... You do not get triggered because you do not take shit seriously. It is just a game storyline. Even when you lose, you win...

      Nah, I don't know. Made sense when I heard it.
      IGN : Ravenar