Angepinnt Albion Online Abbreviations and Acronyms

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    • Albion Online Abbreviations and Acronyms

      Hey everyone,

      Just wanted to drop in and outline some abbreviations and acronyms for our newer players that are not quite familiar with some terms just yet.

      • GM: Leader of guild, Guild Master / or Game Master
      • OW: Open world, refers to non-instanced content
      • SBI/SI: Sandbox Interactive, the studio that develops Albion Online
      • ZvZ: Zerg versus Zerg, fights between bigger groups of players (generally 30+)
      Albion Online
      • AH: Auction House / Marketplace
      • BM: Battle Mount/ or Black Market, a special market in Caerleon/ or Bad Manners
      • BZ: Black zone, the area also known as Outlands that yields the highest rewards, accessible via the Caerleon Realmgate
      • Cap: Capturing a monolith in a territory fight/GvG or the Arena
      • CV: Circling Vultures, the center zone in the Outland continent Mercia
      • GvG: Guild versus Guild, the fights for territories in Albion Online.
      • HCE: Hardcore Expedition
      • HG: Hellgate
      • IP: Item Power, the base measure for strength of equipment
      • LP: Learning Points, can be used to progress your mastery or specialty levels quicker
      • MoC: Master of coin
      • MP: Masterpiece, refers to the highest quality items
      • WC/SC: War camp/ Siege camp
      Weapons/ Abilities
      • gig: Gigantify Potion
      • Meatball: Magma Sphere
      • Pierce: Armour pierce from curse staff that reduces armor
      • SOB: Staff Of Balance, a quarterstaff weapon
      • T/4.3 etc.: Tier 4 with enchantment level 3 - There are 8 Tiers/levels of gear in Albion Online. Using enchanted resources while crafting results in higher enchantment gear that have more item power
      • Clap: big AOE damage

      Feel free to post missing ones so we can add them to the list!
      AlbionOnline | @EJevoque | Evoque#9601
    • Shadari schrieb:

      first time ever i hear someone calling the guild master "GM". I always know GM only as Game Master, even in all the other games i played. Why would somebody use this for something else, it will just create confusion....
      I also found this extremely confusing in the beginning when reading the forums. Can we all just agree that GM is Game Master and Guild Leader is GL or something...
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      Discord : Ravenar#2076
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    • Can we get a running list of acronyms and other relevent info that players whoz haven't played would need to know. ?
      Edit Just off the top of my head in no sensible order: (sorry if some of these are painfully obvious, going to assume people haven't played other MMOs)
      LFG = looking for group, also used for cutting group and subbing other things example: LF Staff Crafter, etc.
      LFM = Looking for more (example: LF1M Tank means player has a group and needs 1 more tank player to go to a dungeon or something)
      WTS = Want to sell (ex: WTS direwolf pup 4M) (4 million silver)
      WTB = Want to buy
      Meta = the current "best" build that everyone is using (changes frequently)
      HG = Hellgate
      DUNG or DG = dungeon
      AH = Auction House