How to change email adress

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    • @Elsa thanks for your answer...

      I had open a ticket on the Albion Website and send a mail to the support, actually i've received this answer on the albion website :

      Support 8/15/18, 11:08 AM

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Unfortunately, we do not offer email changes.

      We can only urge you to get in touch with Gmail to recover access to your email account, or arrange for them to transfer the emails to your new email address.

      I'm sorry we could not be of more help in this matter.

      Kind Regards,

      Charline | Senior Customer Care Agent |

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      I find this answer shameful when you are a loyal customer, who paid for this game ... And that in 2018 it is not possible to change an email address!

      In addition, I sent to the support a copy of my identity card that carries the same information as my email address and a copy of paypal transactions ...
      On the website it is mentioned that in extreme cases if the user proves his identity the support can do Something !!

      What if I can't remember or access the email address I used to register?

      We cannot discuss accounts, or make any alterations to an account, without the express, explicit permission of the account owner.
      This means that, if you've forgotten your account details and cannot contact us directly from your original account email address (or in very extreme cases, prove to us in other ways that you are the account owner), we cannot remind you of any account details or make any changes, and if you can't remember your account email address at all, there is very little we can do to help you and your account may be lost.

      I hope that with all these elements it will be possible to do something for me!

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    • Hmmm I also have to agree in the modern day and age of online game should always have the option to change the account email (provided you follow what ever specification Sandbox Interactive had in place for verification of the account owner/compromised email address owner.) just sayin...almost every current mmo or online gaming community site at least gives you an option to set a backup email...but hey... @Elsa would know the rules and customer service procedures better than anyone I know so I would just “ping” her and ask if they can put that option in as a suggestion for a future update (sorry for the ping Elsa). Just wanted to say my thoughts too lol!! ^^
    • My guess as to why there are strict no email change rules is to make it more difficult to sell accounts. I worry about that though since a legitimate account holder could invest a lot of money and time into their account and if something happens to their email account they risk losing the entire account because of it.

      I am lucky in that the email address I used is a very stable one that I've had for years but others may be less fortunate if they made the account and didn't realize the strict rules.
    • Jerry wrote:

      its literally almost 2019, and the fact that you can't change your email was the sole reason why I quit the game.

      The reasoning behind it is so extremely stupid I can't fathom any game developer to not let you change your email.
      And yet here you are still stalking the forum. They donlet you change it. They just do it differently.
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    • Valmous wrote:

      Jerry wrote:

      its literally almost 2019, and the fact that you can't change your email was the sole reason why I quit the game.

      The reasoning behind it is so extremely stupid I can't fathom any game developer to not let you change your email.
      That;s how accounts get permanently stolen.
      Eh only if done badly. Considering the hacks undergone at yahoo within the last year I wanted to change my account as well as I've pretty much stopped using that e-mail address, all my albion stuff gets lost in a bunch of spam there anyways.

      Usually companies keep track of the old e-mails so changing it does not remove that information if someone comes for recovery later, but allows them to change the current e-mail to something new. Also confirmation of e-mail means people usually need access to both, So not like stealing an account is hard if you have access to their e-mail in the first place since changing a password just requires access to that e-mail address.

      Would love to see some 2FA with google authenticator or something.
    • Hey y'all,

      according to my information, Sandbox Interactive has to provide an option to change "wrong or incorrect" information. This also applies to address data for billing or verifaction, according to Article 16 GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation). Since it can always happen, that:

      - one leaves a mail provider
      - the mail provider shuts down
      - the domain is closed
      - the provider was hacked or due to whatever reason no longer trustworthy
      - the e-mail address was corrupted
      - the mailbox is not accesseable due to whatever reason

      I think, this (Art 16 GDPR) must also apply to mail addresses for registration and authentication.

      Best regards,

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