Still Waiting for Farming Gear

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    • Still Waiting for Farming Gear

      After the developers gave us gathering gear and fishing gear, the time has come for farming gear. Whether farming on a personal island or guild farming yellow and black farms, it is an activity that many people engage in.

      Rational: Farming has remained virtually unchanged in the game, going back to the beta tests. The wait time for planting and focusing add up over time, and harvesting multiple fields on guild (yellow/black) farm will over-encumber a player quickly. The creation of some type of farming gear would enhance farming for guild farmers and casual farmers alike. The number of inputs (clicks for moving, buttons for planting, etc) necessary to harvest, plant, and water the 8 fields in a farm plot is a bit ridiculous.

      Rough Idea: Create a hat, chest, boots, (with each giving a small boost to yield) and a backpack (lower weight of crops) that correspond to farming.

      Additionally, create two tools - a hoe and a watering can that give a small speed boost to planting and watering. With 50% specialization in a crop, allow for the planting of a row (1x3) and with 100% allow the planting of a whole field (3x3), reducing the clicks needed to plant for those who take the time to raise their specialization to that level.

      Questions: Would the same gear work for herb farming? What about Animals?
    • So I did the math. The number of mouse clicks to do a guild territory farm completely was 56. (note: I was doing one crop on all 8 fields). My best time is about 21 minutes, but usually more. I know several guild farmers who farm 4 - 6 fields every day. Anything that improves these numbers would be greatly appreciated!
    • If they add a feature like this, everyone will be farming and the prices of food, pots, animals will probably go down.
      = it will be (i think) less profitable
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    • If the gear is tied to certain levels in spec of a crop and not the mastery of farming crops/herbs/animals you would be rewarding the people that have been doing farming a long time and that put in the time/afford to reach the level's they have reached.
      Also about risk/reward yeah it's low for farming if you do it on private island, but for BZ or Yellow farming it is different if you need to bring back your crops to the city, which is mostly Caerleon so there is a much higher risk for that farming.
    • It is Oskido's reply that gives me a bit of pause, not because I think it is correct, but because it appears to not understand the nature of issues underlying the idea.

      Base of the Discussion
      At the base of this discussion, are two questions: Why do players enjoy farming? and Why don't more farmers become dedicated guild farmers? To over-simplify the gamut of answers to the first question, let us say that for those players it creates a positive emotional response. Players in-game want to achieve or accomplish, which is part of a positive emotional experience measured in utils as stated by Utility Theory. Unfortunately, the value of the positive emotional experience diminishes a little for each continued instance of the same action. To simplify that answer to the second question then, there is a fine line between enjoying the act of farming and struggling under the weight of meeting one's obligation to their guild in their capacity as a dedicated farmer. Guild Farming is a solo activity and is often a thankless task.

      But Don't Many Hands Make Light Work
      Why do players not enjoy farming? Back to Utility theory again, we would find that the sense of accomplishment from farming is less than the sense of accomplishment of other in-game activities. In a similar vein of thought, why don't guilds simply divide the task of guild farming between more members? I believe the availability of willing and trustworthy guild farmers is the limiting factor to this question. I have serious doubts that minor adjustments to harvest time or harvest quantity would sway many players' sense of accomplishment to drive a price revolution in the farming economy or to see a groundswell of players wanting to become dedicated guild farmers.

      The Concept of Farming as a Profession
      For small time farmers, like myself, farming activity is measured in how many fields per day are harvested and planted. For a dedicated guild farmer, farming activity is measured in the time invested, perhaps 30 minutes to 4+ hours per day. Guild farmers deal with increased complexity in the logistics of processing many more fields and in managing the transport of both seed to the field and crops back to base. It is not a stretch to say that burnout is a real concern for guild farmers. Due to the differences in process, I can appreciate player misunderstanding in what the OP is trying to convey. That said, I believe that the nature of the ideas suggested in the OP are to promote farming as a profession in Albion, to give credit to the solo activity of being a dedicated guild farmer.
    • OsKiDo schrieb:

      If they add a feature like this, everyone will be farming and the prices of food, pots, animals will probably go down.
      = it will be (i think) less profitable
      While adding some or all of the originally suggested gear would create an upswing in farming, I don't think the prices would drop that much. I've been farming long enough to see that the demand is almost always more than the supply. Further, as Zetecua points out, even if everyone did start farming, the rate of burnout would soon cause most to drop of and price would come back up. With 6 cities, there is always a market, even if it means needing to transport to sell. This creates risk/reward as well -- if you want the best price, you need to transport the goods to the city that offers the best price. While there might not be a true risk in royals, there is in yellow and black zones. Also, one needs to consider the time necessary to transport, as time is one of the the most limited resources in the game.

      OsKiDo schrieb:

      when you have the farm in bz you bring the crops in your Cp, exept if you don't have the cp . . .
      OsKiDo, this is not true. My guild has both the city plot and farm in the same zone, but the zone often has gankers roaming. It is possible for a ganker to dismount and kill a player between the farm plot and the city. It has happened to me twice (once with nothing much on me, and once while fully loaded with crops) Further, since farming is almost always a solo activity, the guild expects that the farmer transport the crops back to the CP on his or her own. If you read the original post again, I didn't ask for gear that makes escape easier.

      xollo schrieb:

      There's no risk vs. reward in adding farming gear. You're essentially asking for an across the board buff to farming speed.
      Xollo, there is risk in farming black zone and yellow zone farms. Further, I don't expect them to buff the speed by a large amount. If the buff is small, it will have little effect on personal fields, but will create a noticeable difference in those who plant multiple fields on guild farms. I've talked to players who plant and harvest 5 or 6 whole farms. With 8 fields per farm and 9 crops per field, you can see how this adds up quickly. if the buff saves a few seconds over the course of a whole field, it would be negligible change for someone doing a few fields on personal islands, but for the guild farmer doing 5 farms, it adds up on each farm and allows them to complete their task a bit faster, giving them time to invest in other aspects of the game.

      Thanks everyone for all the feedback so far, as well as those who have personally contacted me to discuss.

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    • I think having farming, herbing and breeding gear is just a natural progression to be included with gathering gear.

      • Farming gear for harvesting plants - Straw hat, overalls and boots with a hoe maybe.
      • Herbing gear - Wide brim sun hat, overalls, boots and small garden shovel or rake (hand held).
      • Breeder gear - Western style looking cowboy hat, jeans, boots and a lasso. The same could work for the Kennel breeder too.
      Just like gathering gear, these gear sets would also increase yield and the speed at which we can harvest AND plant. Oh pretty, pretty please. Planting a gazillion farms takes me at least an hour or more and it is mindless not-fun.

      Just my 2 silver's worth.

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    • btw, it's not just for guild farmers. Some people really do invest a lot of time with personal islands, on multiple accounts. I may have more than one, or two... and it takes me a long time to flip my farms, herb gardens and pasture. Too long, because a lot of the time by the time I am done, I'm done! No more energy or desire to play the game, or go gathering like I need to. So it therefore seems like a damn job, and that is so not-fun!

      So for those of us who invest so much time in-game farming, give us something better than JUST a focus decrease and the occasional extra seed or two by skilling up (getting past 50/100 in a single crop is serious dedication imo). Please!
      Larke T7 Hide, T7 Stone, T7 Lumber, T6 Everything Else
      Member of [MAGA]
      ☕ is the Lifeblood!
    • I myself would call me a rather dedicated farmer aswell, I have 11 Islands (rented them from several people for 25% of the daily harvest, if intersted hit me up!) and it takes roughly about 1 hour if I'm not getting disctracted by anything and concentrate on just doind this repetetive action. Yes I know 11 Islands are obviously above avg. but I would love to have anything that could speed up the time spent on harvesting and or planting, maybe just a small change like harvest the full 9 crops at once!
    • when 1.5 will be the new monotony, you'll ask for something even faster (me the first)

      They give you ''this'' you want ''that''
      (something) ...............(somthing bigger)
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