Mercenary jackets

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    • Mercenary jackets

      I think it's quite obvious that mercenary jacket is strong. With the increasing popularity of the jacket combined with claws, I feel like it's a little too strong and is no longer serving its initial purpose. I also think It is bad for the game when someone with flat 4 claws is almost impossible to 1v1 unless you intentionally try and counter this build. My simple fix for this armor would be to make it so that specifically poisons do not provide the healing properties, while leaving fire, bleeds, and cursed dots fair game. Being this strong with low tier armor and irrelivent spec, but still being able "outplay" most classes is not good for the game. Even if you manage to take down someone using this build, you truly gain nothing at all and will likely run into someone else very shortly doing the same thing. I feel that with the simple fix of removing poison synergy with the item, it would not impact the people who actually use this item for real combat, and it would allow the item to be used in the fashion it was designed for.

      Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this topic


      Hey, Here is my quick follow up after what I had originally posted. After reading the comments I'd first like to thank everybody who actually contributed legitimate answers and solutions. I think that the people saying "oh just purge it or interrupt claw E," clearly haven't yet experienced what I am specifically talking about, which is fine. I'd like to make it clear that this was more towards the open world side of things and general ganking. I'd like to follow up by saying that running purge isn't cheap and is therefore not really a helpful solution. I'd also like to make it clear that I never said anything is wrong with claws or claw's E to be more specific, but rather that poison potion + merc jacket is a little problematic. My goal with this post is too develop a general solution for my problem and along help with finding a solution to people that share similar opinions to me, not to complain about the game being unbalanced. I think running fiend cowl or switching to mace not something I'd be interesting in doing just so that I could counter some silliness.
      I'd really like to thank people for informing me that the ice block ability will prevent the mercenary jacket from healing, this is the kind of simple realistic solution I was looking for. I already run soldier helm which wasn't quite cutting it so I feel like running ice block will be the simplest solution to my problem. I hope this post helps anyone deal with the current situation of open-world game play.

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    • 1. it doesnt heal full
      2. it is a strong defense but you can purge it / avoid damage. Other options are Invis/Infernal on a bruiser, both are viable and used by bruisers outside of #3.
      3. it only works on a couple builds (axes/claws/DOTs).

      As others have mentioned Claws are gimicky and can be thwarted completely.
    • EaosAmur schrieb:

      KaraIisArturs schrieb:

      I wont say that they are op, but how good are balanced all armor items if the best way are dont use mage robes, but mercenary jackets. Maybe need to give bonus for full gear, tank gear defense or hp, mage dps, assasin something else. Passive skils are not enough.
      no thanks, that goes against the entire culture of the game
      I agree. I'm not sure we really want to get to the point where we effectively add 'set bonuses' to the game.

      That said, I'd be fine with them 'nerfing' merc jacket in some way that made it more attractive to bruisers in general as opposed to only those with multi hit AEs and DOTs. If it meant it was less effective for claws and halberds but more useful for swords and daggers for example.

      Another option would be to just make the other suits more attractive. Assassins Jacket has been nerfed repeatedly and attack speed really has never lived up to its potential. If these jackets were more useful in general, but specifically for claw and halberd users, perhaps we'd see fewer merc jackets.
    • Change functionality to:

      After 4s you are healed for x% of the damage dealt during bloodlust.

      Fixes the synergy with Poison by reducing duration of Bloodlust.
      Makes the skill more viable with bursty hits than its current iteration.
      Gives more opportunity for counter-play since Retaliate, Ice Block and other DCD's are better against it
      Makes the skill dependent on wearing weapons that actually do damage.
    • It is all situational. Most of the complaints I believe come from open world 1v1 type encounters. You would be silly to bring a purge helm here as you can easily be zerged and also silly to use mace as your not killing shit with that. I agree mace and purge helm work well in both the 2 man and 5 man gates for counters.
    • Returned to see open-world meta changed from assassin chest to mercenary.

      Almost everyone met was merc chest + hunters helm. Cant go wrong in 1 vs 1 = just spam your Q/W/E skills, if you get low hp use your retaliate, poison potion and bloodlust = enemy either kill himself trying to finish you, or will be forced to flee. Most other builds just can not heal themselves in combat, so they are at a huge disadvantage.

      In a 2018 videos about albion online world pvp you can see a player in plain T6.0 merc chest healing himself with bloodlust for 73 hp per tick.
      It is 73 * 15 = 1095 hp. Assuming people in solo openworld have around 2000 hp, it is huge, absolutely out of balance amount of heal you can get in combat while making full damage with your weapon.

      It is definitely should not proc off poison potion ticks, or any other dot ticks, just when offensive skill or autoattack connects. Also need to check if target uses any sort of damage block, receiving 0 damage (looks like bloodlust procs even off 0 damage attacks).

      At the moment this skill on basic armor piece is just broken.
      Probably should remove its proc on dot / poison ticks and make amount of healing be proportional to the damage dealt to opponent (like, 20% of damage dealt goes to healing, not some fixed value depending only on chestpiece item power).