Newbie looking for a guild [UK/EU]

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    • Newbie looking for a guild [UK/EU]

      Hey all,

      I'm pretty darn new to this game (12 hours thus far/tier 4 armour & weapon) and MMO's in general so I feel a tid bit lost in this vast world, but have begun to finally find my footing, but I feel like I could really benefit from being part of a friendly and active guild that partakes in PvE or PvP as I'd very much like to just get the most out of all the game has to offer. Preferably the guild be based in the UK or another part of Europe due to time zones. :)

      All the best,
      Ya boy
      Kafka (Kafka17 in-game)
      "The Mind is a Metaphor of the World of Objects" - Pierre Bourdieu
    • Yo! We are also new and have a new guild if you're interested. Here's the description for it:
      We are a new guild and we are recruiting new members!

      About us:

      Our guild's name is PRIMORDIAL FIRE!
      We have a well designed flag!
      We are passionate about the game and want to grow!
      We are currently more PVE focused.
      We will soon invest in an island for the guild.
      We are speakers of English!
      We are friendly!
      We are based on Martlock & have European time zone.

      if you'd like to grow together with your guild this is the place for you!

      -speak English (only)
      -be active
      -be polite & friendly
      -be a cat lover and have sense of humour (Optional)
      -we accept all tiers, but we want active players!
      - you can be from any time zone, but we are from Europe.
    • Hey Kaf,

      We've got a small-scale Guild on the go. We're real life friends in the UK and we're focusing on PvP (with the occasional PvE).

      We won't be recruiting anymore than 20 guys as we want to remain a small, tight knit group.

      Drop me a line if you're interested.
      Red vs. Blue Staff
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