What's reputation ?

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  • What's reputation ?

    I am playing in a tier 4 blue area farming resources with my ox and I got reputation.

    Now I have a red x by my name and it says I am a kind loner or something. I got reputation and a achievement. (steam player).

    What is reputation and how do I check / manage / use it to my advantage ?

    My Gm in my guild said not to gank anyone in yellow zones or you will lose reputation.

    Can someone explain to me what reputation is for ?
  • You gain reputation by doing almost anything in the Royal Continent (Blue, Yellow, and Red Zones) including gathering, killing mobs, etc. The higher you go UP in reputation the less you get per activity and the harder it is to go higher. You LOSE reputation every time you decide to flag as a hostile (PvP) player and kill an enemy within the Royal Continent. Black Zones are exempt from all reputation gains/loses, it doesn't apply there.

    Having a positive reputation will give you a slight damage reduction against any hostile players that try to kill you. You may notice a shield icon/buff next to your character portrait that shows the % buff you have, it maxes out at 10% reduction at max reputation.
    Having a Negative reputation will deny you access to certain cities and areas of the game. For example, if you go below (Negative) -1000 you can't enter any Blue zone area.

    You can look at your current reputation by clicking on your character name and going to "Stats". It's listed at the top of that page. Clicking on it should also list the area restrictions per level.