Answer the ironcall, join Ironborn!

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    • Answer the ironcall, join Ironborn!

      Come all that desire to be free. Forged by the blood and pillage of our enemies, we seek those that wish to continue to rise from under tyranny and defamation of self proclaimed "Kings" of the Lands.
      Accepting ALL new warriors and tradesmen. Will you help your fellow man in the spoils of war, or do you long for the life of craft; feeding the war machine. No matter your skill, you will find a home with'n this community.

      We are IRONBORN! We are willing to train and fame ALL NEW PLAYERS in the ways of albion online. We are a close-knit competitive PvP oriented guild comprised of MMORPG, MOBA and FPS hardcore veterans. Some of our core members and officers have been gaming together for over a decade. We are a BETA guild. We are a PvP oriented guild striving to reach the highest levels of Albion end-game while maintaining consistent levels of competitiveness, achievement, fun and entertainment. We provide a fair, friendly and active environment where all of our members are treated equally, respectfully and are given opportunities to attain individual accolades and rewards as well as help achieve primary guild goals. We are a guild comprised of all demographics and nationalities with our prime-time peaks at North American playtimes.

      Guild Activities and Events
      • ZVZ
      • Faming
      • GVG
      • Hardcore Expedition Maps
      • World Bosses
      • Hellgates 2man AND 5man
      • Crafting and Gathering

      Guild Requirements and Expectations
      • Discord REQUIRED!
      • Active Weekly
      • Respect all members
      • English Speaking
      • Loyalty to Guild...Ironborn first!

      How to Join and Apply:

      1) Send In-game Mail to Torthur

      A) Subject: Ironborn Application
      a) Please include the following
      i) Type of GamePlay desired/why you want to join Ironborn/what buil
      ii) List of Stat Details
      - Total Fame:
      - Fame for Killing Players:
      - Fame for Killing Mobs:
      - Fame for Gathering:
      - Fame for Crafting:

      2) Join Discord for Application Interview/Acceptance
    • Neu

      > be me
      > gathered a bunch of stone
      > ready to sell for big moeney
      > attempt going to carleon
      > find nice group of people outside ore audit in craeg morr
      > all flagged
      > accept my fate
      > die and get looted
      > get recruited while im dead
      > join
      > i get 500k just cause
      > mfw

      thanks Ironborn

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