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    • So Ft. Sterling will have refining bonus for wood. Bridgewatch has all remaining resources except rocks. So that means we will get the least profitable refining bonus in game? Because there is no enchanted rocks as far as I know.

      I hope that the bonus is slightly stronger than the others to balance this situation...
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    • why wedding outfits w/o weddings, just call it nobility outfits that are bought with low amounts of gold (4~6 gold per item) which become more expensive on tier (color). this can tie in with faction warfare, as things like people's fronts which are responsible for lots of faction silver bank donations receive tier levels for being able to wear higher-tier nobility outfits, giving them small market/transport discounts from their specific regions. this will furthermore put 'faction hierarchy' into the game, speaking for players who aren't interested in Outland domination, but Royal Market domination. This should become a thing because while players who do contribute to the market much more get more profit, fueling guild warfare, gatherers still have little to no recognition for market domination. So in theory, while guild vs. guild warfare contributes to many combat and gear tactics used in this game, faction warfare can be a completely different way to play the game.
    • why don't factions just pay the owners of guilds monthly income for providing protection and safe road passage? like, the zone gets blocked for like a minute while it reloads into a version in which there's a speed road to another city in which flagged players receive consistent speed/damage debuffs. this will furthermore put guilds into the faction scene, as leaving out everything but 5 zones in the royal continent concerning the matter is absurd. it's like a donation system where zones can be safer or more dangerous depending on the goodwill of the territory's settings. let's say it costs one million silver to create a territory road, so the two relating factions can simply both pinch in that much silver for a combined safe passage. same thing can work for things like having npc mercenaries protecting the roads for money pay.
    • I worked with companies that do everything very slowly. They have long discussions, a lot of bureaucracy and poor communication between developers because of the time zones, freelancers and other reasons. What one developer would have done in 1 day, in such companies, 5 developers do the same for 2 weeks.
      They explained this by wanting to make a qualitative decision. However, every time after several days of discussion, they came to a decision that exactly coincided with the original assumption. The developers knowingly did not say anything about this, because they received an hourly payment.