Invasion Fight night - GVG tournament SUNday 13th of May 18-22 UTC

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    • Invasion Fight night - GVG tournament SUNday 13th of May 18-22 UTC

      It’s reset weekend,which means a minimum of official GVG’s and thus the perfect timing for a GVG tournament, and YOU are invited.

      Idea is to create this as a monthly recurring event, and we hope to see people join and support the initiative.
      Sun will sponsor prices this first round and hopefully other guilds feel like supporting it as well in the future.

      We will have 3 divisions

      For the top dogs, the Top guns - and those wanting to challenge them.The winner of this division will be the overall tournament winners, winning the biggest prices and the envy of the world of Albion. Who will be the best of the best ?
      Division A.
      For competitive gvg teams,but also with the experience and acceptance that if you met Paja, Misty, Cargerra or Derrick – then you might as well stay in the tent and live with the shame.For teams who wanna get good,but also accept that right now,the team is not top tier.
      Academy division.
      For upcoming teams,for random groups just wanting to fight, and new teams wanting to get a taste of their first competitive fights or for other reasons wants to fight at a lower gearlevel.

      Format will depend on number of teams,but aim is that every team will meet 3 opponents.
      Match will be best of 3, each team choosing a map and if the score is 1-1 then the third match will be fought on the “Home territory” map.

      Pro + Division A:
      8.1 excellent gear
      7.1 excellent for Hell artifacts (t2 artis)
      6.2 Relic artifacts excellent tops
      .1 fish foods
      .2 normal foods
      .0 pots

      Academy divsion:
      6.1 excellent gear
      4.2 outstanding Relics.
      6.1 fish foods
      .2 normal foods.

      Pro 1st place 15 Million + 60% of entry fees
      Pro 2nd place 10 Million +20% of entry fees
      Pro 3d place 5 million + 5% of entry fees

      Div 1st place 10 +10% of entry fees
      Div 2nd place 5 Million
      Div 3d place 1 Million

      Academy first place 1 Million + 5% of entry fees.

      Pm Franksinatra on this forum, in discord, write in this thread or send a mail ingame.
      Registration fee Pro+div = 1 million (100% will go to price money),Academy = free.
      Registration is only final when Reg fee is payd,16 spots in each division.

      Entry fee, teamname and team captain is the tournament entry information.
      Lets have a great evening, and I hope people will support starting up this line of events.
      It might be a bit optimistic with several divisions for the first event. IF we get to few then Pro and division A will be pooled into 1 tournament.

      This thread will be updated with eventual changes,but for now get the registration done and lets have a great tournament.

      /Frank Sinatra

      Registered teams

      Pro :
      "CIR" Captain: Cargerra
      Division A:
      “Mob Justice”, Captain Fullbeard, fee payed: yes.
      “Funky fresh witoland team
      Reborn”, Captain: Cronk , fee payed:yes
      "RRKTT" - Captain, Revenantt
      "Super secret squad, Captain weewee
      “Salt miners”, captain Sliice
      "Cyan Team" Captain Wargorth

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