Upcoming Dark Fantasy Medieval Rust RPG Server

    • Upcoming Dark Fantasy Medieval Rust RPG Server

      - "Dark Fantasy Medieval Rust RPG Server"
      - Large Custom Map, 6000 (Maximum) Seed, 1560 Tiles, 200-250 Pop
      - 1 Month Seasons (BP & Map Wipe)
      - Emphasis on Open World RPG Player-Freedom
      - Heavy Conquest-Driven, Territory-Control, Clan-Based Political Meta
      - End Of Season Reward Points Redeemable for Unique (Non-P2W) Perks
      - Monthly Documented Video Player Saga w/ Evolving RPG Stories
      - RPG Skills, Stats, Traits, Levels, Titles; Degrees of Persistence
      - Dynamic Economy, Trading System, Gambling
      - Tiered NPC-Based PVE, Full Military Entity Removal
      - Archery, Melee, Magic Combat with Spells and Skills
      - Primitive and select Firearms ONLY
      - Rideable Horses, Fishing, Farming, Taming
      - Dynamic Events Across the Map (Treasures, Escort Missions, Bounty Hunting, more!)
      - Multi-Faceted Religion System, Questing System
      - Karma/Alignment System To Guide Player Action and address KOS
      - NPC's, Roaming and Static, NPC Structures
      - Teleportation Portals with Heavy Costs Associated
      - Metabolism/Survival Changes, Surviving Will Be More In-Depth
      - Custom, Completely Remade Stat/Skinned Loot Progression
      - Sieging: Satchels, Beancans, Molotov Cocktails, Catapults, Ballistas, Fire Arrows
      - Raid Notifications / Anti-Offline Raiding
      - Anti-Hack / Multiple Active Admins / No Tolerance Policies
      - Dozens of QOL Features

      Our Discord (220 Members): discord.gg/cH7naUS

      Coming Up


      - Beta 1 (200+ Players): July 7th (3PM EST) - August 2nd
      - Beta 2 (200+ Players): August 4th - September 6th

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