Just a Game is now Recruiting again.

  • Just a Game is now Recruiting again.

    Hello everyone.
    For those who still don't know us, we are a guild that lives in Mercia we are currently in the top 9 in this season, we currently are looking for active and dedicated players.

    Our Current Requirements:
    • Know basic English for communication

    • 3M Mob Kill Fame minimum - Need to have DPS ZvZ gear lvled to t6 minimum

    • Agree with all rules and don't complain about them

    • Be active.

    We accept Turk/English/Brazilian/Portuguese/ speakers as long as they know proper English. as said above in the requirements.

    PM the respective recruiters:

    • SilentNJ for English recruitment
    • Highko/Zoskaos for Brazilian recruitment
    • Ruhban for Turkish Recruitment

    Thank you very much feel free to pm me for any extra info.

    Good luck have fun, see you in-game.
    With Best Regards

    Nuno "SilentNJ" Jesus