Cearleon Declaration of Independence!

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    • Cearleon Declaration of Independence!

      The City of Cearleon
      The Cearleon Security Council

      To the People of Cearleon

      The City and her defenders wish it to be known that the city of Cearleon is declaring her independence of all sovereign bodies that have ruled her in the past or will attempt to rule her in the future. Her origins started as a proud republic with a hatred of mad kings and so shall be again. Any guild,Empire or Friday night gamer-clan that attempts to rule her is to be repelled with the utmost zeal. This is due to astounding taxes impoverishing the people (opponents and friends alike) making this is now a necessary motion.

      Citizens of all of Albion

      The royal Continent has suffered for too long at the hands of machine guilds, feeding you foolish lies about utopian dreams. These lies promise you glory in Gvgs, Zvzs Epic Gathering and Dungeons, you will never get this. they will feed off your labors, hit you with insane taxes, pull you into exhaustive CTAs until you cannot even think clearly anymore. Then they will strike the killing blow..

      They will kick you from your home, lock your stuff in their chests and leave you destitute as you see your hard work was for nothing and the only option left is to leave.

      If you do not believe this, look simply to the actions of the MG when she was started. you had to buy into the guild, you had to pay to stay in the guild and you had to constantly decrypt the Scottish ramblings of a madman to get your calls in battle and they once ruled all Mercia!?

      is that what it takes!?

      We can no longer be party to the madness that is the OUTLAND Mafioso!! that serves so few off the backs of so many!

      The Lord of Storms has sat for a while, gracefully allowing them to deliver and make good of their utopian dreams and has been left disappointed.

      He now demands the return of CL into the hands of a CLS security council in which he will be the head

      Any who stands in the way of this goal will be driven back as surely a oops in a Zvz.. (like with anyone... like we literally went at them naked and they lost their shit and ran once... insanity).

      hrrm hrrm

      It is time to rise slumbering titans to build this vision

      it is time for content beyond anything seen in Albion History

      will you be apart of this?

      -Stormlord, Knight Commander of the CLS and general of the Irony alliance.

      CLS FTW!

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!


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    • YaayAlbion schrieb:

      good point. Free Caerleon from the oops/mg ilk.

      and Free Mercia from the very same miscreants.

      let albion be free from oops's army of 'cave dwellers'. :thinking:
      The royals city to be run by exploiting barbarian outlanders is completely incompatible with the free market that is CL, and ergo why we have to move our people beyond their reach

      Lunacy schrieb:

      isn't it Caerleon or am mistaken
      You are, one of the many slanderous lies spread by the Oops Empire

      Fear not

      All the world will soon be similarly enlightened!

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!

    • UPDATE

      the war with Oops empire is now intense. other alliance seemed to be confused and flagging and engaging at the same time - the CLS and her allies hold firm and have to now declare war on guilds that interfering with our objective.

      we do not hold the entire alliance to this and so will try to separate the guild as targets

      due to research done we have found the guilds with the most nefarious players that have the behavior trend as a "bad" guild

      the rankings are (as of the time taken)

      1- Frogue One 13 Criminals, 10 Dreaded;
      2- Blue Army 6, 1 Dreaded
      3- KHAOS 5, 2 Dreaded
      4- Savage 5, 1 Dreaded
      5- TeamCasualty 5, 1 Dread
      6- Russian Empire 5
      7- The Fleet 4
      8- Money Guild 4;
      9- Who 4

      To these guilds the CLS warns

      If you continue to interfere with the independence of CL as you are doing by weakening our ability to fight them we have no choice but to add you to this list.

      My heartfelt apologies to the blue gatherers caught up in this conflict

      <3 KC Stormlord

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!

    • Parzivaal schrieb:

      As a frogue one member, I can say we have 33 dreaded players. Thats thanks to our lockdown of Caerleon underway for half an hour, that will probably happend again. Caerleon should and will be freed! ;)

      We engage anyone on sight during the underway lockdown.

      Our researchers narrowed the list to only include the top 500 pvpers last week

      interesting FYI for you CRIMINAL SCUM!

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!

    • A Faminglia Concept

      Storm gets ready to leave the battle field to have but a moments respite. Shouldering his latest set he heads to the mystical cearleon island to store the hard earned skins and cotton he'd been gathering on the side.

      A report come in

      FAMINGLIA battle wing incoming!!!

      "surely not" thought the lord of ruined picnics "i warned them to deflae before they left CL"...

      must be a mistake

      the warning of 5 swelled to 12 and storm know that 12 people could possibly make the same mistake and so he gears for WAR! The squadron was led by no other the Lebronidas

      the 300 had arrived

      The Blues army swelled like storm had never seen then the battle erupted! Blues died everywhere as the Fam Force back off strategically re- engaging in lack luster strikes that failed to fell the Low pressure master. surely this isnt all they had

      they were leading us to the legendary Roastspartan choke...

      "here we go"


      more screaming more CLS battle WEEEee WOOOOOOoos - the fight raged all around him

      Stormlord paused... t1 stone! MONEY IN THE BANK BOI

      he hastily stopped IN A FULL BLOWN war to gather it.. that when he saw it ... Lebronidas's fatal mistake... he had gone back up the choke to engage! storm smiled a little smile... tis time

      WINDWALL across the stairs - his back up cannot even get close

      LEBRONIDAS IS DYING IN A HAIL OF OOPS bullets (most miss but eventually they wore him down with the help of elite CLS swat forces)

      storm cackles as the Fam Force breaks.

      it was a glorious battle TO BE SURE


      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!



      The Lord of storm is fighting hard to bring the city of CL back into the hand of the citizens and this has not excluded the underway. POE zergs, Ganker Parties and KHOAS battalions abound..

      These fights remind the Lord of Hurricane Conventions that we have much to go yet

      As it stands

      MG are not getting the message...

      Cearleon is mine and this will happen with their help or without, you wont like the latter

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!

    • Aye tinks o/


      CLS FTW!

      2018 CW 20 Report
      2018 Week 20 Criminals in Top 500 PvPers

      Barely up from 76 to 78
      2018 Week 20 Guilds with 4 or more criminals in Top 500 PvPers

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!


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    • Aye lads and ladets another CLS update

      - FC has made their presence known and they murdered multiple blues successfully. While i would like to say the CLS is in a position to oppose this type of people farming. simply put, we will lose. not great for the vision of the CLS but it simply means that a rethink as to how we approach our opponents in the future needs to considered.

      The CLS secret weapon is content denial. for a while i have been detecting the possibility that certain groups are already adapting to our presence by simply upping their tier, numbers and pvp experience to fight us. so we simply use our CLS reports to their original form - warn people away for the zone. we continue to sit by the gate and warn people away till the zerg either gets bored and leaves or tries to rush the gate - the longer you can pin on inside of the gate the more dps the gate can bring - forcing them to smash into the CL defences is all we can do at this time

      the CLS is asked to no longer fight in these fights in the same way we avoid terry diving

      all we do is donate gear to our opponents and endanger more blues by giving them false security

      other then that i will move onto the good news

      Me @Zupd and @Queen Of Nothing engaged in a 5 v 3 fight with POE. is was a long and glorious battle with us losing only 1 and they ended up losing 4 - we blasted through their tiers - their skill combos and we destroyed their numbers advantage. The CLS is building some truly dangerous pvpers by creating some strong builds and melding them with my cc control and experience.
      The CLS grows if not in numbers but with experience every day. We take the good days with the bad and expand our arsenal until one day Cearloen will be ours, the zones around CL will be ours and every point that CL can be attacked will be ours.(edited)
      any who flag for a living in this game will fear us - one sheriff at a time
      we will build our empire on a sea of salt and sarcasm
      CLS FTW!

      Week 20 Top 4000 Criminals

      While there are criminals below 2000, The strongest concentration is Top 2000 and above. Given the diminishing nature of each additional 1000, I estimate total criminals in the 7000+ criminals would be a bit over 500. Going forward for this portion of Data the most value return will probably be within the Top 2000 PvPers.

      Biggest Criminal Syndicates CW 20

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!


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    • with all the built in mechanics to gimp how ganking works in royal lands(having numbers announced, flagging, zone locks, gate guards, all blues being one team by default) Makes it kinda sad that you see this as some sort of noble task. like kicking some already weak dog and feeling triumphant, weird.