Pinned Take Part in Regular Tests to Help Us Test Abilities and Items!

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  • Take Part in Regular Tests to Help Us Test Abilities and Items!

    We’re currently looking for players to be part of regular tests to improve Albion Online’s items and abilities. If you’d like to be part of these tests, here’s what you need to do:


    Do you think an item or ability is over- or underpowered? This is the place to let us know.Please remember as you create a new thread here; only post hard, measurable facts which can be analyzed and which you can prove or substantiate.
    • A mathematical comparison of the DPS of the item/ability in question to other abilities or items.
    • A video
    • If that's not possible, you can add other detailed feedback such as "this ability's casting bar reaches a third full before it cancels". Please simply give as much and as detailed information as you can.

    Generally, you should make it as easy as possible for our game designers to understand your criticism. You can find an example post HERE!


    Players who regularly post good, considered feedback in this forum will be invited to regular PvP tests in order to test items and abilities alongside our game designers.


    Our game designers will closely interact with this forum, and will give feedback on your ideas and suggestions.Simply by merit of this information all being in one place, our game designers will better be able to collate, analyze and react to your thoughts and feedback. We’re also aiming to work more closely with the community to test the content which will be featuring in the Summer Alpha – even when the servers are down.
  • Example Post

    If you are thinking a special item is overpowered you can post it in this forum but it is really important that you stick to a certain syntax so we can have an easy view on it.

    SUBJECT/HEADER: <ITEMNAME> is <grade> OP (or UP = underpowered)

    SHORT DESCRIPTION: <write in one or two sentences what the problem is; most of the time the issue is one specific spell on an item>

    URGENCY: <how urgent is it to fix it, can it wait for a week or does it require immediate attention>

    ARGUMANTATION: <It is not enough if you say ITEM x does too much damage, you should get some comparable numbers, ideally backed up with some screenshots. The better your argumentation here the more likely we will change it asap>


    SUBJECT/HEADER: T4_Claymore is OPShort

    DESCRIPTION: The Spell Rush does too much damage

    URGENCY: 3 People Instant kill anyone else, should be fixed as soon as possible!

    ARGUMENTATION: A comparable T4_Bow does 300 damage with its toughest spell which has a 3 seconds cast time. However the claymore spell is instant and does 1600 damage.