black market and auction filter

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    • black market and auction filter

      In the auction and black market its posible filter ítems by diferent ways, like tier, quality, type etc.
      I would like to be able to filter by artifact/non artifact ítems, can you add this?
      Didnt see any way to do that at the moment, if its really posible now I would be happy if someone show me how.

    • After the last auction update I would like to ask for this again. I want a way to see the most expensive stuff on the auctions but allways the artifact ones comes on the top of all list and I cant see the rest unless I put the specific name one by one.

      It would be good for me to have another filter to see/not see artifact ítems like the other filters work (quality, tier, etc).

      And again, if its an actual way to do it now, if someone can teach me I would apreciate it.