Testserver Patch Notes - Lancelot Midseason Patch

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    • Phosphia schrieb:

      SBI... ALL artifact + relic holy staves are SHIT. When is this going to get looked at? The holy relic staff is completely useless as it's impossible to get a good heal off on people that need it in a ZvZ. Lifetouch is garbage. And salvation on the fallen staff CD is way too long.

      Exactly and the 2Handed staves need help too! They use too much mana and the cooldowns suck! Please don’t make me have to reroll Nature to be relevant!
    • Nieogar schrieb:

      Eternalhaze schrieb:


      I'm still very concerned about red/black zone greater hellgates being capped in any way. I like the design of yellow hellgates being full loot with a cap, but we still need an uncapped hellgate mode. The cap on red/black will not prevent teams from running relics, nor will it stop people from bringing 7.1 equivalent to help off set the balance of said relics.

      This game needs an uncapped hellgate mode because the gvg system does not provide time slots for all time zones and takes way too much preparation.
      This change is cool. I can now bring 5 nukers with no healer with t4.0 with 300 mastery from specs and just kill most expensive relic.
      Some small steps:

      Visit HG -> Die but kill someone with expensive set to trash something, mandatory combat looting-> cheap regear -> Repeat.

      Follow me after the patch, form some griefing groups and we will kick that relic teams from hellgates for eternity
      This doesn't make any sense. If you're in flat 4 in a hellgate and no healer you're just gonna die to mobs or get destroyed by a team with enough common sense to bring a healer. If you want to kill someone in flat 4, you shouldn't be doing a hellgate.

      People want to do hellgates because it gives them the chance to fight teams with the full loot aspect of the game being the main factor. With a cap in red/black hellgates - even a soft one - you devalue all the time and effort people put into speccing their gear to compete at a higher level which makes it not that different from what is going to be the new yellow zone hellgates which is hardcapped full loot. If we want an even playing field for all, we have it with yellow. What about those of us who don't want a cap and want to fight in high end gear because it's not as much dedication as gvgs?

      All I'm saying is yellow can be hardcapped full loot, red could be soft cap full loot, and black can be uncapped. Without an uncapped hellgate mode, running hellgates will be extremely unprofitable. It's already less profitable than 2 man hellgates are right now.

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    • Will be there in future rework of "Great Nature Staff" and his "Living Armor"?

      This nature staff have lack of balance. It has been proven by a lot of people running only that staff in solo ow/duo hg's etc. That's true he has no mobility to kill someone but clever players are usually attacking from behind in some dungeons while players are usually in fight or can't run away.

      Cast time is really low, staff is cheap. There are a lot of weapons that are unable to pierce this armor or... are able but with really expensive form. That's the problem.

      Great Nature Staff is easy to counter with expensive items. If you bring for example Fiend Cowl, you will make Great Nature Staff completly useless and kill his party without problems. But if you don't have any counter items/counter build you are usually unable to kill that solo player or just need to run away from him. Not everyone is running soldier boots so he is also unkillable with that build if you don't have wanderlust too.

      Of course usually unexperienced players got killed, by staff and staff users. But if everyone is running that, that means there is something wrong, don't you think?

      BRiCK schrieb:

      You're the reason games are shit nowadays