• I've been telling them since February that territories low on food warnings aren't working. They keep saying, they can't reproduce it. Yesterday we had a territory under a day and never once did I get the territory low on food warning. The day before one of the resets we let a plot drop on purpose because reset was the next day. Never once did we get the territory low on food warning, however we did the whole next day after it already dropped. Clearly there is something wrong with the territory low on food system. Its been reported numerous times.

    Devs before saying you can't reproduce it, I am telling you 100% that some plots do not give warnings. Its not all of them and its random. But our plot yesterday that never gave warnings, maybe it was because we won via GvG when it was already low on food. The time before we had owned the plot for an entire month of that reset and it never gave low food warnings until the day after it dropped. I notice low food warnings when I log in, they do not always give it.

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