The new Traders and Merchants guild is looking for members

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    • The new Traders and Merchants guild is looking for members

      Hello everybody.
      The 'Traders and Merchants guild' has been set up new. We are only two members right now and the island is only developed on level 1. We've completed the guild hall yesterday.
      We're looking for new members.

      The guild has a focus on making money. We welcome old and new players alike from all professions. There is a place for every profession in the guild. We will need them all and it won't matter if you're completely new to the game or a long time veteran.

      As we are a new guild we don't have any ambitions yet to take over territories or go into GvG battles but that may change in the future when we become more powerful.

      The guild tax is set at a low 3% and we aim to lower it further. The money will be used to develop the guild island and for the upkeep of the workshops. We will run the guild mainly on donations.
      We also won't put any pressure on our members to perform certain tasks. We're a bunch of dudes looking to have a good time with the game and aren't taking it all too serious. We're looking to support each other while each doing our own thing.
      As we are both around Level 4 right now we currently focus on crafting and gathering aswell as doing some lower tier dungeons. We have ambitions to grow more powerful in the future, though and be a force to be reconed with especially in the markets.

      We do use discord.

      To join us just look for us in-game or send a message in the forum to Rixlette.

      We're looking forward to your aplications :)
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • Sshane schrieb:

      what area are you operating in? you should include that since the world is so big. I am in Matlock.
      Oh, i forgot to mention: our island is in Tethford but we operate all over Albion. So if you're not located in Tethford that won't be much of an issue. We're visiting all cities and all outposts regularly for trading and gathering. We're really everywhere.

      Btw: our island is now a level 2 and we recruited a few more members. We're growing steadily.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • SirZombie schrieb:

      This seems like exactly the type of guild I am looking for. I started playing a couple weeks ago. I'm a pretty casual player but I would love to join a group and contribute to a common goal. Sure beats chipping away at rocks alone.
      Just look for us in game and apply. We already have one guy beating stones all day. I'm sure he'd be happy about some company. We sure as hell need stones for the buildings. The guild pays you back in gear for your efforts (right now only up to adept gear, though. Maybe later higher).

      BananaPudding schrieb:

      I didn't apply for this guild but I would like to wish you luck and success in business. :)
      Hopefully, we can be partnership in trading some days!
      I've seen you on an elephant if i remember right it was in Fort Sterling. Looked like you were trading. I'll send you a friend request in-game later.

      heftyflaps schrieb:

      Your Guild sounds great. Where are your guys mostly from as far as times zones?
      We are both european and american time zones right now.

      Also to give you an update: we just joined the BRB alliance yesterday which has around 220 players right now. So it's a bit more busy now.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'

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    • Also to give you guys and update: We've grown now to more than 20 members. Shops on the island are up to T5. We have mill, cook, butcher, saddler, potions maker, mage tower and tool maker.

      We now have fame farms almost daily in yellow and red zones. Also opportunities for daily PvP parties with the alliance and we also do regular black zone gathering.
      We intend to hire a lot more people with the steam release.

      We're still taking new members.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • JockelMB schrieb:


      played Albion a lot when it got released but stopped and now I wanna pick it up again. Can I join even though I probably dont have a lot to offer!
      Sure, you can. Just apply for membership in-game or send me a friend request (ingame same name as in forum) so i can invite you.
      You'll level up in due time and will be helpful later too.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • bump, 60 members now and all workshops on the guild island available with low fees. Second Island in Caerleon started. Tax was never raised higher than 3% btw. We're aiming to lower crafting fees for members on our islands to 1% or even 0% at some point in the future. Not quite there yet but it'll come.
      Join the powerhouse.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'

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    • Hovering around 90 members as we stopped recruiting as actively in spawn areas and cities as we once did.
      Right now we're looking mainly for very PvP oriented people as we're a bit short of those or so it seems.
      We also look for people with leadership skills and game experience to lead parties (gank/fame farm).
      We still accept everyone but mainly are looking for PvP-oriented players right now. We might raise the bar for new members in the future but not yet.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'
    • We're also currently building GvG teams. If you're someone with skills of 50+ in a particular set chances are we've got a spot in a GvG team for you right now. So if you think you're good in combat, have the skills and aren't able to get into the GvG team of your current guild but you would love to fight a GvG on occasion maybe now is the time for you to make a switch to our guild since we're actively looking for highly skilled players for said GvGs.
      We'll focus on yellow and red zone GvG for now. Black zones later. Will also require some training and arena in the team before moving to the real thing.
      We're at the very beginning of building the GvG teams so now is the best time to join.

      On another note: our island is to t6 for the most part. Opened a guild island in lymhurst and one in caerleon. We'll develop those in the future.
      Head of the 'Traders and merchants guild'

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