Interesting day yesterday

    • While an earlier version of this post was to be more critical of Sun, I accept your reasoning that Sun does fight MG, you did contest Stonetop and other breaches in Mercia this first part of the season, that GvG is insanely expensive, and so forth.

      The reality Frank is that Blue Army is a large part of the problem. You've written that BA is a ZvZ guild and the best at what they do. I agree with that. Nobody denies that the Romans were very effective at ancient warfare. Nobody denies that BA is very effective at ZvZ. Given how they are highly reliant on punching below their weight to add wins, it is neither respectable nor praiseworthy.

      BA got farmed so badly by MG, they never gonna fight in Mercia or Cumbria ever again. They are a fighter who punches below their weight. They are like a fighter who was in the UFC but they got beaten so badly they ragequit the UFC and now they only grief smaller competition in the Bellator.

      You've written before that you are the leader of the Sun squadron of the rebel alliance, yet Blue (and to a smaller extent, Sun) is primarily all about working tirelessly at undercutting the true rebel alliance. Craven Army - how they appear to outsiders - is defined mainly by their extreme cowardice, hence craven army. They win a blob crash and they start busting up in ugly sore winner tears on global channel how they are "the best" guild because they only fight in Anglia.

      My concern is that SUN, who once had all the potential (and perhaps still does) to be the marquee rebel alliance flagship, is now being pulled more toward the image and likeness of craven army.
    • Nice post for a change :).

      In outlands there is two different games going on.
      One is the bantering with the mercia landlords and one is the real game for most.
      Money guild isnt really challenged by anyone and you need to be incredibly paranoid to think otherwise.
      Sure some stabs happen at moneyguild but there really isnt anything serious, and ther isnt really anyone willing to really try and do what it takes.

      And then there is the rest of the game in anglia and cumbria and that is really the game thats going on.

      I got quite some flames a month ago where i pointed out that there are several ways to be succesful in this game. Just like you can be a great lol players without being the best in the world.
      Money guild is willing to take steps to win noone else is willing to, and its created by one persons drive and personal desire to win in the world of albion and putting it as the fordt priority in life for a couple years.

      That dedication pays off, and its impressive from a game pov, but myself nor my guild would ever even do half of whats done in oops.
      We have a core rule of no forced gameplay, and with that you cant win, but you can hopefulæy have a bit more fun.

      We cant nolife the game, so we arent real challengers, if anything we are a small thorn in the side but without us oops would be having a lot more boring life.

      The game mechanics rewards what happens in mercia, but noone in their right mind can consider it healthy for a game.

      But we are not main challengers. We could tag along some serious challenger but that entity doesnt exist. We accept that and play the game more to what we find fun, and when oops does the same everybody wins.

      We have gvg teams who are a but better than oops, but whats the use when oops has the respurces and we dont.
      In curremt design mercia contenders cant come from anglia, because we cant sustain 8.2 gear at all.

      We are happy to be considered a threat, and i guess oops runs a lot on the thought of serious opposition sitting in the shadows.

      Important part is that people enjoy the game because then everybody wins.


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    • While an important perspective, you must also realize SUN isn't perceived much better than Money Guild in what it's done, whether it has or not, in denying smaller, newer, noobier guilds the chance at owning territory in the black. Money Guild sits in Mercia, where the top tier guilds should realistically be. They're not going to Anglia to deny newer, smaller, noobier guilds anything. I believe they come to Anglia to fight those who won't come to them? Though I could be mistaken. You mention not having the resources to fight Money Guild, how are newer guilds looking to break into the black supposed to fight you? It's all relative.

      In some drop in and play over and over again games there are skill-based matchmaking systems to better place those of a similar skill level against one another. And when games don't have this and mention potentially implementing it, such as Fortnite (which I'm a successful 0-51, cause I'm amazing) those who are skilled fight against such systems being implemented. They don't want to fight against similarly skilled players, have a harder time each match, a challenge. Most of them don't, anyway. They want to kill 15+ people, whether those people suck or not, and feel like they've achieved something. And they have, but surely the feeling would be even better if such wins came against more difficult opposition. Some part of the mind knows it.

      Why does Sun need all the GVG teams it has if it doesn't want anything more than some land in Anglia? I get why Fricks is in Anglia. <3 But Blue Army and Sun? Ex-Exertion and Black Mambas among others. Exertion used to live in Mercia. Black Mamba dissolved with its leadership stating they wanted to go have fun and fight in Mercia.

      If Sun doesn't have the ability, skill, or resources to fight over Mercia, then who does, who will ever?

      Truth alliance has 425 members, half of which are alts. Lads has 1100+ members. Are you implying the "Alone" alliance of 1500+ members or the POE alliance of 2300+ members need to be or are the only ones capable of turning Mercia back into a more contested area? With them fighting each other for Cumbria that's not realistic at the moment.

      Sun already has a hundred and forty five city plots to launch out of in Anglia. Is there not even a thought to go to some other continent on a reset day and see how many, if any, territories could be claimed elsewhere? Would there be any meaningful loss in the attempt? Or even selling off every single city plot for billions worth of silver for the needed resources you mentioned.

      That said, from your perspective if you're content where you are and you've reached the mountain top it would be silly to take on any of that risk.

      So Sun has no interest in fighting over places outside of Anglia due to the commitment of resources and time, the effort, risk etc You just want to chill and have fun in Anglia. And that's fine. I think if there is a perception at all it'd just be that claiming success, and implying a feeling of being "better" than anyone is a little hard to reconcile with reality when many look around and see POE and Alone fighting each other, thus unable to fight Oops, while Lads are off being Lads in Anglia. Back to my random skill-based matchmaking anecdote.

      I don't know. It makes sense to me why you wouldn't want to nolife the game. Who would want that. Are Money Guild even doing that anymore though? But the game as a whole, it would seem, could only be better and benefit if three out of four of the big alliances were ALL in Mercia. And all the rest of the world was up for grabs. Certainly with the Steam release forth coming and the longevity and life of the game on the line.

      If not that, then what's there to do other than hoping for someone else to take the first step. I suppose the devs could look into capping the amount of guilds in a given alliance, but there's too many arguments against it - with the ease of working around it more worthwhile to claim than the reality of angry people getting angry at each other for accidentally and non-accidentally killing their allies. One can only hope for some positive change within the mindset of those who are in positions to change things within the sandbox if the devs aren't able to do anything outside of it with the mechanics. They've tried. You'd think with the new lockout system, Mercia would've been overrun by now.

      Nothing but the best wishes. =)
    • Good post and lots of good points.

      First for your noob guild entry part, then i think you miss out the royal lands, where we historically never really fought, and while im not at a pc to check then im pretty sure that oops has been sitting on that as well?.

      As for being seen “almost as bad” as moneyguild, then from your vire id beleive that we are as “bad” as them. I dont feel any obligation to anyone else than my guild and alliance, and Sun is in no way saints or rven close to fighing for the little guy.
      So from a newbie perspective, we are as bad as oops (and alone and poe for that matter).

      All our reset days have been failures nomatter what we tried (except the last one). When SUN had the most on reset day ot was 48, and that dont win territories.
      We did do a reset taking some cumbria territories but we werent able to continously defend them.
      Same with our mercia life so far. We can come in, and we can beat the teams
      Sometimes but oops strategy is just keep throwing attscks every day until reallife hits their opponent, and they win by attrition.

      Our problem is getting to the point wjere we can actually attack mercia. And we do have no forced gameplay which means we always fight against magebuff as noone thinks its fun killing mages, and we have a hard time getting warcamps.

      And we arent as strong as we might look, and we lose a lot as well.

      As for selling our coty plots for money to buy resources then 1 8.2 leather cost 450.000 silver, so basically one gearset of 8.2 equals a city plot.
      If we convert to silver and then give the silver to money guild to get resources to fight them, then its already lost.

      If you go to war and have to buy your guns and bullets from the one you are attacking you have already lost
    • thats just wrong dude....
      at first, everyone in oops has a life too. we are all just normal players fitting into a role and doing our jobs.
      the gear..... when you are that good, you would have money for gear because u would win and loot gear. when you would win in 8.2 and loot 8.2 then play 8.2...... the problem is: you cant win that much and thats why you cant play it. if i want i go 2v2 hellgates in 8.2 sometimes. do you know why i can? because im winning most of the time, no matter if i play 7.1, 8.1 or 8.2
      the difference between 8.1 and 8.2 is so small and when you say that you lose by gear its the worst excuse ever. you can say that you have better teams but can you prove it? all i see is that sun boys got slaughtered by derricks team like t4 mobs. if you cant effort gvg gear then your economy/leadership is fail and/or your teams are bad. i could buy 8.2 gvg gear by myself with money out of my personal pvp loot. why do you step into forum and complain about gear when ur so good?
      when your a good gunner you can buy a gun from your opponent and just shoot him down :)
      but there are no good gunners, only good writers at forum.

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    • but i am allowed to gvg :/

      EDIT: dont understand me wrong dude. i have no problem with the fact that you/your guild cant contest anything. i have a problem with YOUR propaganda all day here. when i see u write something its 99% of the time about how good you guys are but no one cares. a loser that writes how good he is will be still a loser at the end of the day. from all greater alliances derricks alliance is the ONLY one where officers dont spam the forum about how good they are. they just play and win. maybe you should also focus more on playing the game instead of telling others that your playing the game well and that your the "real winner of season x".....

      Sun will dominate the gvg’s and will keep beating oops and poe teams wearing 8.1 against oops and poe’s 8.2."

      and now u finaly came here to cry like a lil kid..... well played

      YOU are the reason for all that guys that cant take sun seriously anymore.
      your propaganda went into the totaly wrong direction sir.....

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