Royal Shoes/Sticky Potion Suggestion

  • Royal Shoes/Sticky Potion Suggestion

    Right now the choice of what boots to run in 5v5 is somewhat limited due to how powerful Royal Shoes are. (With the exception of tanks, sometimes healers and lately galatines with judicator boots) Nothing else can compare to the strong disengage and invulnerability frames it offers. This allows for aggressive play with a great deal of safety due to little available counterplay.

    My suggestion is to buff Sticky Potions so that any attempt to jump out of its AOE(using either Royal/Assassin shoes) causes the user to bounce back with the same animation time that it took to jump/dodge out, but without invulnerability frames during the bounceback animation. This would offer some interesting counterplay potential while indirectly buffing teleportation/dashes/sprints as a viable alternative that can't be countered in the same way. It would also make assassin boots a slightly more optimal choice against an enemy running stickies as the dodge roll animation is much shorter and the run speed it provides would make it more forgiving should you get caught by a sticky.

    My hope is that this change would insert more diversity in both the boot and potion slots and would offer more interaction/counterplay in the meta.