Testserver Patch Notes - Lancelot Patch #4

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Lancelot Patch #4

      Lancelot Patch #4 - Ver. 1.11.358 / REV 115466 - 9 April 2018

      The GvG Mercenary system is now fully functional! Silver rewards can now be offered by guilds and claimed by mercenaries.

      Balancing Changes
      • Arcane Staffs:
        • Energy Bolt:
          • Cast Range: 9m -> 11m
          • Now deals a separate damage value against mobs, independent of the mob’s energy.
        • Energy Beam:
          • Cast Range: 9m -> 11m
          • Cooldown: 15s -> 10s
          • Energy cost: 13 -> 0
      • Bows:
        • Piercing Arrows Passive can now be stacked from multiple sources.
      • Fire Staffs:
        • Wall of Flames:
          • Fear Duration: 1s -> 0.5s
          • Targets will no longer bounce back into the wall of flames multiple times.
      • Hammers:
        • Threatening Strike:
          • Damage: 66.69 -> 100.04
      • Maces:
        • Threatening Strike:
          • Damage: 66.69 -> 100.04
      • Quarterstaffs:
        • Heavy Cleave:
          • Cast Time: 0.5s -> 1s
          • Damage: 172.84 -> 271.95
        • Separator:
          • Damage: 81.37 -> 149.18
        • Mystic Rocks:
          • Resistance Increase: 0.20 -> 0.10
      • Offhands:
        • Taproot:
          • Now reduces Healing Received while equipped. (Depending on the IP it ranges from -8% to -15%)
          • Increased Health Factor: 0.15 -> 0.20


      • Morgana Raven's DoT can no longer be cleansed
      • Piercing Arrows passive now stacks when attacking multiple targets
      • Durability loss of mounts from being hit by spells has been reduced
      • Fixed an issue where, when the HoT of Spirit Animal was purged from within the healing area, targets had to re-enter the area to continue healing
      • Corrected the Spectral Run tooltip to display the ability's actual energy cost
      • Fixed an issue where guards of claimed castles had the incorrect emblem on their capes and shields
      • Fixed a bug where the enchantment level of some resource nodes didn't update unless player changed zones or logged out
      • Fixed a rare bug where chest logs displayed incorrect items when the item order was changed
      • Tooltip of Energy Beam was updated to make its effects clear when cast on friendly characters vs enemies
      • Numerous additional graphical, animation, audio, UI, and localization fixes

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    • Lardeur schrieb:

      PrintsKaspian schrieb:

      • Fixed a bug where the enchantment level of some resource nodes didn't update unless player changed zones or logged out

      I have been waiting for that for so long !
      Oh, skipped that one :D

      How will gathering stay gathering without that feature we had for ez 2 years?!
      rip the feeling of getting robbed by a 7.3 node ...

      I remember relic-armors not accepting ipwr from fighting artifact-masteries on the test-server before deployment. How long it take to fix that?
      Reported broken focus-cost reduction from crafting artifact-masteries right before first patch, we're about to get patch four and still nothing.
      economist players irrelevant - confirmed!

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    • The piercing passive is a good passive and force us to use the poison arrow Q. That deadly shot inefficiency is a real problem right now .... You can't stop auto attacking!

      Those passive (burst or passive arrow) are strong.

      We have 2 choice here
      we have to auto attack constantly to proc them or spam the deadly shot and gain cast speed (wtf!%!%!%%!)

      The second option is need very good, i tried a lot. you gain little bit damage but you loose the 4% for everybody and you loose mobility.

      my point : deadly shot looks good but in fact, it's the worst Q ever. We need a Q for 5v5 please!!!

      Idea :

      - deadly shot gives +70% damage if you hit a target less then 50% life for 6 sec

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    • @Retroman message 9th feb

      Thanks everyone for the feedback. It is always appreciated

      Yeah, I agree, I am also not happy, that Bows are currently hardly
      existent in 5v5 fights. Therefore they will getting adjustments for the
      next content update to make them more useful in these scenarios.

      In general, please keep those feedback threads and all the input coming,
      I apologize if I usually don'r reply. But I just try to stay away from
      discussing changes on forums, because this can easily eat up a lot of my
      time, which I try to spend mostly on working on the game instead. But
      when I doesn't reply, this doesn't mean I don't read here. And of course
      I am always interested and try to listen to the feedback from the



      i still remember that, the last patch didn't add any chance for bow players to do any competive hg/gvg. This modification WILL not affect that either. I was still playing bow because i taught you really could modify bow to compete versus fires and xbow. You litteraly just buffed bow for ZvZ with the new explosive arrow.

      I had hope .... i want to play but i can't because i can't harass people anymore to play with them. I respec into a healer now, balance the game dude it's not acceptable for a game to have those gap between the classes.

      why do i have to wait 6 months to be able to play the final content with a class? at this point, it's just a fail.

      If you just have said the reality : i don't want bow good for 5v5 or i can't adapt the bow for 5v5 because it's too difficult(?), i would have respec earlier ...

      For the new players on steam, plz put more info about that on the skill screen. to not loose hundreds and hundreds of frustrated player who don't want to respec. (sarcasm)

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    • the taproot is now balanced and will no longer be used in GvG.
      that's something i like.

      @PrintsKaspian i hope there comes more.
      i hope you learned from the battlemount fiasco that things that are too op needs to be nerfed early when there is a problem.
      so where are the judicator armor nerfs and where are the locus nerfes? It starts now the same as it did with sob, so please nerf them.